quilt I made this month

loraleeNovember 21, 2012

The name of this queen size quilt is Victorian Melody. The fabric is extra fabric I purchased 20 years ago to make one of the daughters brides maid dresses from.

I planned on at that time making a quilt from the same fabric. Finally now that I have more time I have made it.

I had it machine quilted. Twenty years ago I used to hand quilt all of my quilts and working full time it would take me a year to do one.

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Beautiful and full of memories as every quilt can be.

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Very lovely quilt, Loralee. Talk about a long time in the planning stage! I'm glad you were finally able to make it, and machine quilting is a perfectly good alternative when time is an issue. Is this quilt for your daughter or will you keep it for yourself?

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That combination of material is very effective. Never would have thought of it, but I like it .......a lot. Someody did a nice quilting job for you. TFS

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Very pretty! I love the colors.

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The dark fabric is a burgandy and it is the same color in the center of the pink roses.

The quilt will either be for the daughter or the granddaughter. I have made each of the girls quilts for their wedding and have been working on each of the granddaughters quilts.

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Nice pattern and beautiful colors. It's a wonderful quilt.
I like it. TFS.


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Very nice! Doesn't it feel good to finish something that was so long in the planning? I'm sure many of us have those projects......somewhere....


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It does feel great to have the planned quilt finished. I had decided to buy an armoire to put a lot of my fabric in.

I had it in boxes in the attic and never could find anything. So, when I needed fabric I would go buy more.

Then came the process of moving and sorting the fabric!! I found 2 other quilts that I had planned and forgotten about. Fabric little mock up done of each quilt.

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The quilt is lovely. You did a great job to get it done after all this time. How about a picture of your mock ups? We never get tired of pictures.

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