42 inch front entry door replacement?????

fazzerJuly 14, 2007

Hello! I have a 42 inch wooden front entry door and storm door. I have a 47 inch brick to brick opening for a new door system. I have been given qoutes to replace with a custom 40 inch textured wood grain steel door and screen door made by a reliable company in philadelphia, and installed by a door and window company. The cost wood be $1700 for the entry and $730 for the custom screen door installed. My other option is to buy 36" prehung threma-tru fiberglass door and have it custom installed by another reliable door company. I would have about 5 inches on either side to cover with sometype of outside casing. Im still waiting on this estimate from this company. Could this be a easy job for a contractor to handle? I want it to be efficent and look good. I would like to go the fiberglass road, but doors are only made to 36", so it would have to be reframed and custom added. I think the two quotes should be in the same ball park. Could you please give your opinion on what I should do? THANKS!!

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Is your existing door a solid wood door? What kind of wood? Can it be restored?

Unless the exisiting door is rotten or there's something terribly wrong with it, or it was a cheesy replacement for the original door, I think I'd try to preserve it. Old solid doors were typically made from very heavy, thick, sturdy lumber. They're almost always to be preferred over the flimsy mass produced doors sold nowadays in the local big box home centers.

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I agree 100% with jamesk. If it's the sealing that you are looking to improve, there are various weather sealing products that are very efficient.

I wouldn't use the small fiberglass door because I think it's going to look odd with 5" of fill on either side.

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What is wrong with the existing door?
Most of the heat loss from doors and windows is from infiltration. Even an insulated door or window has a pretty bad R value. This is sort of hidden by using U values.
The conversion is rather simple. R = 1/U.

Resource Conservation Technology, Baltimore, MD has a large assortment of weatherstripping details that are not to difficult to install (and some are very easy).

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Thanks for the responce. The only thing wrong is it is old. The door is painted in several layers, and has planes of elongated glass, which is not very appleaing. Also the storm door (42 inches) is on its last leg. The door is not really that thick. My wife likes the look of a textured fiberglass door. What would be the dollar factor to get this door refinshed by a pro? Also any ideas on going with steel door @ 42" or a prehung fiberglass@ 36 " THANKS!!!!

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What's the door height........Most wide doors I see are also grande in height also........

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We had a solid oak door, which had deep gouges and paint stuck in the gouges, refinished/stained for $325. It looks wonderful now. We're in the Chicago area.

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I also have a 42 inch door -- metal -- and to replace it with another is exhorbitant. But it must be 42 inches, bec. of hugh sofas.
Is there a way to dress it up -- drill a window, add wood -- so it looks like a log cabin door should?
Thank you.

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I just dropped off a 36" old wood half-lite door at the refinishers yesterday. They estimated 3 weeks and $175-$200 and that includes filling a lot of old screw holes and patchwork.

Any chance you could post a picture of your door as it's installed now? That might help.


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