I'm Back!

K8OrlandoNovember 19, 2012

Back from traveling, back from some huge work projects, and back from computer breakdowns! Did you miss me? I missed all of you!!! Wow, I have lots of catching up to do and will do all of that tomorrow. I'm taking the day off before the holiday really starts just to get caught up on the lotto, the forum, the housecleaning, and maybe even a tiny bit of yard work.

I haven't sewn anything since the retreat and would love to sew something too... forget the yard work, if I have time, I'll run to the sewing machine. I bought a Juki TL2010QI from Ken's Sewing Center and haven't had a chance to do any more than learn to thread it!

The other thing I learned recently: if you open up your computer and find this much dust and pet hair in it, you should not be surprised that it overheats and quits working after just being on for 5 minutes. The fan is dead, dead, dead but we have the computer rigged with an external fan for the time being and it works!


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Welcome back, Kate! You were missed. Sounds like the Bermuda triangle of quilting roadblocks. Hope you get caught up quickly and are able to enjoy your Thanksgiving.


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Hi Kate,

Nice to see you again. I have a Juki that I love (about 10 years old). It is such a work horse. I'm excited for you to get to know your Juki!


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Welcome back! I can't open my computer to get it out, so I'm hoping it can't get in??

Sounds like even your day off will be exhausting.

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I'm OK with 'exhausted'; it's a step in the right direction from 'overwhelmed'. :~))

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Welcome back! You were missed.

My DH takes our computers out to the deck & blows the dust out from time to time - Not me. I just call him and sound helpless whenever anything goes wrong with it!

Congrats on your new machine. Hope you get some time to sew & enjoy.

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Welcome back. We missed you. Now get to work.

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Things just weren't the same here at Garden Web without you, Kate. Welcome back. Lois

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Hey, Kate! Nice to hear from you. Maybe you can bring your Juki over to visit mine! LOL Enjoy your day tomorrow.


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Welcome back, sounds like Thanksgiving will have a new meaning for you this year. lol.

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I had a computer literally catch on fire from the gunk inside it. Made the mistake of 'blowing it' with canned air and forced the stuff into the workings, where things are hot in the literal sense of the word. My ancient siamese/tabby lived behind the monitor and next to the air input and of course it inputted her hair with it. The unit groan and whirred noisily until I cleaned it. That's a sign to open it up, clean it out and save everying to a backup.

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Welcome home to FL! Job well done I'm sure!

Rest up and get the creative sewing juices flowing again!

You deserve a rest...the tasks will be waiting for you later.


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Yay! My desktop sucks the dusts in; this is a good reminder to get the vacuum out and actually use it :)

Congtats on the new Juki -- it is very similar (almost exactly) to my Pfaff Hobby Grand Quilter. You will love it!

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