Show me your Coastal Living Beds/Furniture!

dorry2June 29, 2012

I am back and forth over colors for the Bungalow and Summerhouse beds. I like the Lemon Twist, but have not seen the physical piece and online, it appears to be a warm yellow as opposed to a lemon or bright sunny yellow. Anyone have their beds or painted furniture?

What about the blues...high tide, wave, sea mist. Would love to see your pictures or opinions on these colors.

I had planned to do a mixture of beds (two painted wood and one wrought iron bed, but most of the iron beds have foot boards and my son is 6'3," so when he visits, I want him to fit in the bed! Now I am back to this Bungalow Bed with a very low foot board.

The room backs to woods, which faces NE and an E-facing window. I thought the yellow would be a nice contrast and brighten up the room. Also wondering if I am limiting myself going with a stained/color bed, though I think of many of these colors as neutrals, esp. the yellow, shell....

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What I would do is to Google Bungalow style, summer house beds, etc. coastal colors and see what comes up. There are some great magazines that have photos online as well like Coastal Living and have photos on their site.
Also search on Pinterest, there are so many photos there, if you are not a member already, you can sign up (free) and then browse photos with searches for your type of photos you want to view.

Sorry I couldn't be more help with photos.

Good luck with your project!

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I love browsing in Houzz, here is one link (below) that would help you start your search

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz coastal decor

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We have a beach cottage and I also wanted iron beds for a couple of rooms but DH is 6'4" and can't sleep with a footboard on our queen size bed. We found Wesley Allen beds at a local furniture store, which have the option of headboard only, no footboard. I don't know if they come in the finishes you want, but might be worth checking out. Ours are in a sort of white-washed/ivory color.

I looked at some of the Coastal Living painted furniture when we were first looking a couple years ago, and I almost did get yellow nightstands but then (1) realized they were too big for our room and (2) worried that I'd get tired of the color after a while. I ended up with small nightstands from a flea market.

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You have thought a nice idea to decorate your home with coastal home decor theme.keep up a good work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Polynesiandesigns

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