So we Argued Big Time!

Suzi AKA DesertDanceJuly 1, 2013

Over the pub bar. He won! He got a skinny little stupid bar top, BUT the contractor made a mistake and it needs to be redone.

While waiting for the contractor, DH got a chance to sit at his cheap skinny bar top, and realized Moma was right!!

So I hear him slyly say to the contractor, today, while the contractor is trying to fix the mistakes... He says.. Make the bar bigger! WOW! I won! I didn't even need to shout!! When you are right, you are right! YAy!

They will install the new one on Wed, just prior to our 4th of July Celebration, and that's a good thing too.

Pictures will follow in a week or two.


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Sooner or later, they learn,.. lol!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Well the just prior to the 4th install was a disaster! They got the granite top in just fine, and then the woodworker came to put a flat molding on the back side of the bar top. He tried to use clamps, but the seams of the granite weren't quite dry, and the entire bar top cracked at the seams! YIKES!! So back they all came... granite guys until 12 AM on Wed night. Woodworker and Contractor at 9 AM on Thursday, AFTER Molly Maids did their thing, which I now had to do while making pies and getting appetizers and dinner ready...........

Our guests were impressed. Me? I was a mess! Tired? Exhausted? Absolutely!

Everyone had a great time, but I was so behind, I didn't get to enjoy my party.............

Still, it says a lot about getting a good contractor who will demand the subs come back and get things done ON A HOLIDAY!


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