GREAT day; bad day

imraineyNovember 19, 2010

I have probably taken at least 5 FMQ classes over the years. And I've experimented on my own with several training wheel techniques to get me started. I've laid out paper and quilted over the lines and I actually bought a Bernina just to get the stitch regulator (which you have to learn to use anyway =o so why bother?). But, until last night, I considered myself hopeless. Certifiably Hopelessâ¢!

So yesterday I took a full day class with Sue Rasmussen and now I actually believe it's something I could learn. She kept pushing me to get even stitches that struck her as the proper length. I was just thrilled not to have stitched lines that looked like they were done by a drunken 2yo who was wearing boxing gloves. But for about 1 1/2 minutes I got a spot she called A+. (She actually made me circle it and label it A+. It was like being in grade school again! ;> ) (Not sure how long it will take to do that again -- she made me run the machine much faster than I was comfortable with and when I do get the machine going at that clip, I compensate by moving my hands even faster and getting tiny, tiny, tiny stitches...)

Now I actually am encouraged to practice and develop some skill. I could only do a fill, mind you, but I could do a fill that wouldn't have 1/4" stitches and curves with burrs on them and knots all over the back. I was able to sew and decide where to go next at the same time. That's the other big thing that I've never been able to do before. I am on my way to 1) actually finishing quilts and 2) saving serious money on long arm services. Yippee Skippy!!!

I don't think I've been this excited and gratified since I got my drivers license at 16 (pretty close to half a century ago!). All in all, it was a GREAT use of a day and more than my money's worth.

The bad part of the day was that I learned that the quilt shop that's just 3 miles from my house -- the people who brought out bolts of fabric to put under my head and my knee while I waited for the ambulance when I broke my knee cap last New Year's -- is closing in March. =o

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Congratulations, Rainey! Sounds like a great class and a great teacher. I love teachers who are encouraging and won't let you give up.

I'm sorry to hear your LQS is closing, though...that's a bummer!


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Yeah! Isn't it a good feeling when you break through a barrier? FMQ was a huge one for me too. I'm getting better at it, but probably still resemble the the drunken 2 yr old more often then I'd like. So glad for you! Sorry about the LQS - I'm noticing more and more small businesses closing down.

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Yes, I know it's horrible for small businesses but that's not the case here. This shop has been open for 30 years and she has always had a steady clientele because of the huge number of quilters in SoCal. But she's an older woman and she's just decided to retire so she's doing it on the shop's 30th anniversary.

The right decision for her. A sudden and devastating blow to all of us. ='o

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So sorry for your local quilt shop's closing; as a longtime small business owner, I applaud her ability and savvy to stay open in a very tough business for 30 years! I imagine she is tired, and it was a painful decision for her to make, as it will be a huge disappointment to her loyal customers who are her extended family. Bittersweet....

Good for you for your accomplishment! I looked at Sue Rasmussen's website - she looks like a fun and talented instructor!

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Sue is a genuine artist in fabric (she will be having her first book published in the near future) but I didn't know she would be able to actually get me to produce some results. II couldn't be happier.

Yes, my local shop owner has had a great run. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision for her (she wasn't there when I took the FMQ class and got the news). I'm sure I'm just one of scores of customers who will be in shock. But the biggest blow, I think, must be to the staff. One of the women has worked there for the 20 or so years I've been shopping there. Three more have been working there a long time. And they really are a family. Lots more people have been teaching there for years and years. It's a big loss. ::sniff::

It really was the right decision for the owner who is older and, no doubt, wants to spend more time with her husband. I mean, if she didn't want to do it anymore, it isn't an obligation.

I wonder if she tried to sell it as a going business or if someone might consider replacing it with a new shop...

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Thanks for posting! My stippling is just ok so I am glad to know it may improve if I keep at it! Thanks for the encouragement!

Local QS are hard to find these days.

How is your injury doing?


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Stippling is HARD! You have to figure out where you're going and keeping balanced distances and shapes at the same time you're working on your hand and feet speeds.

I found echoing simple shapes like leaves and teardrops much easier. I did some stippling but I think I'd have to work on that a whole lot more to get attractive balanced areas.

Thanks for asking about the knee. It's not really so good. I just talked to a different orthopedic surgeon about roto rootering out the parts that still rub and keep my movement limited. NOT looking forward to another surgery but I hate not being able to go up or down stairs and I've put on 50 lbs since the break. =o

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