Pennville Cabinets?

AlyBApril 11, 2013

I thought we were all set on going with Brookhaven/Wood-Mode for our kitchen, but we've hired a GC who happens to be a Pennville dealer. He gave us a quote for our kitchen that is literally half of what our Wood-Mode quote was and about 2/3 of the Brookhaven cost. I know mamadadapaige used Pennville in her beautiful kitchen recently (and, I believe, is a dealer for them) but I have otherwise been able to find very limited information about their cabinetry online, and I don't find their website very useful. I have been working with a KD (whom I love) who only deals in Brookhaven/Wood-Mode, which makes the decision much harder. I have appreciated the ability to walk into the showroom and to actually see the cabinets I was planning to get.

If it were Brookhaven vs Pennville and I couldn't afford the Wood-Mode this might be an easier decision since Pennville is all wood. But we can afford both, and it is whether we choose to....but it is a lot of money at stake. Wood-Mode is very popular in our area and the KD I am working with has done several friends' houses.

Can anyone give me more information about Pennville cabinetry and, specifically, their painted finishes? We are using a combination of wood and painted finishes. Thank you!

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My friend who used to install cabinets tells me that this is one of the best cabinets in the market. He says it's better than Wood Mode.

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