how to read the radon vacumm monitor?

hochoiJuly 11, 2013


Please tell me what information we can draw from the radon vacuum monitor. I understand that the two levels in the tube need to be separate. In my case, one is way below 0 and one is about 1.5. I wonder why it is not 2, 3, or higher?

Thanks in advance for the explanation.

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The difference shows how much difference in pressure(vacuum) is being maintained. The number indicated may be set by the equipment being used. It would be worth finding out what the initial readings were or what the system manufacturer recommends. A lower reading may indicate a small leak.

Now, to clarify---even a small leak in that system does not mean radon is leaking into your home. It does not mean there is a health problem. It simply means the efficiency of the system is lowered a bit---but the system is still working as designed.

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Thanks, handymac. It is all clear now to me :)

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