am I being ripped off?

GoofyYnoJuly 21, 2011

How much should it cost to cut a serpentine path through a concrete floor? the area is about 22 feet by 18-24" at a depth of about 3-4 ". (including removal of concrete)

as long as I'm asking. How about a seating/storage bench outside with two parallel block walls on a concrete base. looking at 25 feet long and about 2 high.I spoke with many contractors before selecting one who's prices seemed to be realistic, and I meshed with to do the work. with the job in process, some of the latter items are coming in very high. It's hard to know if what they are charging is fair.

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You lost me. Cutting a serpentine path through a floor? Meshed with to do the work?

Why are prices still coming in? Prices for construction labor vary as much as 100% by region in the US.

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we are putting a "river" of rock mosaic tiles from outside through our greatroom. The tiling is in the bid from the hardscape contractor. To make a long story short, because neither of my contractors could get a concrete stain guys, I found one. But he won't cut it, just stain. so now I get the change order from the hardscape contractor to just cut the concrete and it seems awfully high. I'm going to try and see what the going rate in my area it, but I thought if I had an idea of what it should be that would help.

(I'd prefer to let the hardscape contractor be in control of removal & replacement so there can't be finger pointing)
does that help or make it more confusing? (BTW I live in arizona)

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Expect a high bill.

The typical concrete cutting tools make straight lines.

Curved lines require a lot of hand work.

It might actually be easier to remove a larger rectangular area and them re-pour the curved sections using wooden forms.

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I spoke with another vender who said the same thing. I will sign the change of work order and feel a little better about it.

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