New roof versus cover up old

grama2July 13, 2011

I bought my house in 2008. It was built in 1984 with a 2 floor in-law addition in 1993. Early this year we had ice dams causing leakage into the 2nd floor of the in-law addition area. In spring I had my roof contractor come out to give me an estimate. He quoted $6900.00 for reshingling over 1 layer of roofing and the other estimate was for $9300.00 for removal and disposal . The toal removal included removing an old ghost stack and repairing plywood decking. Also ice and water barrier along eave edges and installing new flanges on all vent pipes. I have used this contractor with my other house and he did a good job. Are these good estimates? I think I will go with him but was wondering if I should get other estimates. My house is approx. 2200 sq. ft. Thanks for any advise you can give.


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You should always get more than one estimate but if you are happy with this persons work and he comes in a little higher, often times that is the route to take rather than an unknown who comes in cheaper. Imo, you should go with the removal as not only where it was leaking will need attention, it gives a chance to check out all the sheathing, vents, flashings,etc and take care of them at that point. Recovers often cover up a lot of damage and lessens the life expectancy of the new roof. Plus you will be keeping the extra weight off the roof by removal as well.

Recovers without a barrier layed between the new and old, (felt), lessens the life of the new by drying out the new shingle prematurely.

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Adding another layer of roofing will do nothing to stop ice dams backing up under the old layer of shingles. Besides re-roofing and repairs, you must attack the usual primary cause of the ice dams: heat leaking into the attic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ice on Roofs

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If you had leaks you really need a tear off to examine for damage to the decking.

Leaks are rarely a single isolated event.

It very well may have been leaking for some period before it became apparent in the living space.

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Get two more bids for tear-off roofing. What grade roofing will be applied? Labor will be the same; go for a good quality material.

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for ice dams you can try a spray foam. Basically this foam is sprayed onto your roof deck and you will not need any roof vents because your attic becomes a conditioned space. This foam comes in open and closed cell. THe closed cell has a higher r value then the open but I recommend the open. they use this foam up in Canada alot.

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