anyone purchase Quartz countertops from HD or Lowes?

dreamywhiteApril 5, 2009

Interested to hear feedback from those of you that purchased your quartz countertops from HD or Lowes. How was the quality of service you received/timeframe/and most important how good was the install? Would you buy again?

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This topic comes up at least every month, if you do a search for hd granite, you'll probably find loads of feedback. That said, if you want to pay top dollar for the cheapest of granites, have no chance of picking out the your own slab and have no control over your fabricator, even when the job goes sour (which many HD installs do) then by all means, use HD/Lowes. If however, you would like to have the freedom to choose your own slab, have more variety of choices in stone, pay a more reasonable amount of money for the type of granite you choose, be able to choose your own fabricator, and skip paying a middleman then visit a granite shop. It can be a fun and educational experience.

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I purchased quartz NOT from Lowe's and it was a huge mistake. It took me almost a full year to get my money back. (Do a search here on resin pooling) I ended up buying granite from Lowe's. It's absolutely beautiful! I got to pick out my slab AND Lowe's has a terrific happiness guaranteed policy. Go with the big box stores...definitely!!!!!

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I bought quartz from HD for our bathroom vanity. I'm interpreting quartz to mean the "engineered stone". So there was no need to pick out a slab no matter where we went. All the same, it went very well. Couldn't beat their price anywhere else and I found the installation including the undermount sink as timely and competent. There are other things I don't like about HD but regarding this, I think they did a good job.

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i'm assuming also that, by "quartz," you are meaning engineered quartz. i first ordered my silestone from HD and was told by the KD that the turnaround time would be two weeks. when i called their sub to make the appointment, i was told it was more like four weeks. HD supervisor was kind enough to call them on my behalf to put a rush on it, since it was for place of business. my estimate seemed too expensive, and i ended up cancelling the whole thing in the end, and getting a total refund (HD did not make me pay the measuring charge--long story. this mess came at the back end of a series of mistakes by the KD). so as far as HD i thought the service was great (bad KD, but in the end, excellent customer service by the store's manager). as for timeframe, in my case, they were slow. a few weeks later, i was promised a two week turnaround for my kitchen silestone from a local countertop place. so time frame will vary, i imagine.

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I went with Silestone thru Home Depot for the island top in our last kitchen. I was very happy with the service and the product.

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