easy reach wall cabinet design without hinged doors?

graceworksApril 29, 2010

I saw a wall corner cabinet which is larger than the 24 inch easy reach cabinet you see in all the spec. sheets. I'm trying to figure out how it was made. There were two doors, maybe 18-21 inches, hinged on outer edges. One door had to be closed before the other one. They were full overlay. When you opened out each door, you looked into a large, truly accessible "easy reach" corner cupboard. There was no center stile separating the two sides of the cabinet. Could the builder have retrofitted a blind corner cabinet with a wall cabinet? Or could it have been larger version of the 24-inch hinged door design, using regular doors?

I'm trying to remodel my kitchen and can't find any cabinets like this. If anyone is familiar with this design I'd love to hear about it. Thanks.

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When we remodeled our kitchen in 1992, we got easy reach cabinets. I LOVE mine. They are made the way you describe: I close the left side first and then the right. The right door is slightly smaller so that it crosses over. They are Schrock cabinets, but my most recent Schrock catalogs show them hinged. They may be available as a special order. The shelves stagger according to need and crisscross. You don't get L-shaped shelves. I do sometimes wish a one-touch door--maybe it would get in the way.

BTW, it's a 24 x 24 corner upper, 12" deep. One door is 10 13/16" and the other is 10 1/8".

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I have a similar size Hertco cabinet to still_waters, but on mine the doors are attached to each other, with a hinge in the center and on the right side. The doors fold and open to access the entire space with no center stile. I can access the left side by opening just that door, or open them both. I have L-shaped shelves inside. The corner area is perfect for a few large bowls that otherwise wouldn't fit in the uppers.

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are they like this inside?

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That's a much better idea than the standard corner upper cabinet! I like it! So much more useful and doesn't take up so much room in the corner! The side corners in the standard upper corner cabinet are almost useless b/c you can't really see/get to them...but this solves that problem!

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Thanks for your input and photo! I appreciate it so much. I'm debating about what to do in that corner, and I'm still wondering whether I would prefer larger (18 Inch wide)instead of hinged doors. The 12-inch wide hinged doors seemed like they might be out of proportion to the other (wider)doors on my wall. Thanks for taking time to give me additional input to consider.

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