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ironkitNovember 23, 2010

First off, HI! It's been a long time since I've posted here, and it's nice to see so many familiar names still.

I have a new niece/nephew arriving in a few weeks (crap!) and have promised my SIL a 'baby' quilt. I've finally decided on a scrappy-ish Around the World, but I have no idea how to go about figuring out yardage.

I think I want to do 4 inch finished blocks, and have it be 11 blocks wide, plus a border of undetermined width. So that would be 121 blocks, of 4.5 inch cut.

Any help would be fantastic. I don't want to get halfway through and not have enough fabric on hand.


~ Kit

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In the best case scenario, using just one piece of fabric 45" wide, you will need two yards. That's going eight blocks wide and fourteen blocks deep. That'll give you the blocks and some selvage edges deep enough for borders. (but not quite enough for that). In the real world you know that the more different fabrics you use, the more waste there is to each cut of fabric. The real zinger is having enough yardage to do a solid border if you want that without a lot of piecing and bias seams. It'll depend on the pattern too, if there is more of one shade than another. Not knowing the pattern, I can't tell you. You can bet it's probably going to be a lot more than two yards.

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for 4.5 inch square when using ONE color you get:
about 8 squares per 1/4 yard fabric
about 24 squares per 1/2 yard fabric
about 48 squares per 3/4 yard fabric
about 56 squares per yard of fabric
a FQ will give about 12 squares
from this you should be able to determine about what you need in general yardage for however many different colors you plan to use.

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KIT!!!! Glad to see you! Did you go off and finish college?

This pattern even has the layout at 11x11! Don't stay gone so long!!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: TATW

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Hi Kit!!! Great to see you again!

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Hi Kit,

Welcome back. :)


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Sharon -

THANK YOU! This makes my life so much easier.

Yup, I'm finished with school (okay, mostly, I got sick and have 6 assignments left), moved to PA, got married (!!!), and am /finally/ back to quilting. Mostly back to quilting because my SIL wanted a knitted baby blanket, and I refuse to ever knit/crochet another blanket again.

Hi, Bon, Lola! :)

~ Kit

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Hello Kit and Bon, good to see both of you. Congrats on getting married Kit and school will soon be over. Good for you. Bon, hope you are doing well.

Sharon gave you a great link, and I have never done a TATW, so I'll just say good to see you and please post pictures.


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Hello Kit and Bon - so great to hear from you both again!
We've missed you!


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Hi Kit and Bon! Good to hear from you both. Pull up a chair and stay awhile.

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Well. I almost won this time. Baby is due on Sunday. Quilt is about half finished.

On my way to by batting, my Bonobo texts me with "She's not gonna be induced anymore. They're on the way to the hospital."

FAIL! I ALMOST made it! ALMOST! Maybe if I work really really hard tonight and tomorrow (hah. it's knit night and knit night = good food, good company and good wine)... I can get it done.

Pictures soon!

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Wow, Kit! You're cutting it pretty close there, girlfriend. heehee Is the baby here yet? Good intentions and all of that........

Congratz on getting married!


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Baby boy is here. Name is Ryker. Quilt isn't finished, but we won't see them until Christmas anyway. I just really wanted to have it done before the kid arrived. Oh well.

~ Kit

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You've got 3 weeks. You're a fast worker, so lots of time. Don't forget we like pictures. @:)


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