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karpetNovember 15, 2012

I rescued a quilt top from a thrift store thinking I would only need to resew the blocks together as the seams were of varying widths. I ended up resewing every seam! I re-arranged the layout so I had to add 1 block and replace 2 flower triangles that did not survive my de-construction, so that is the odd block that I appliqued a bird on to. Then I used some of my funky vintage fabric for borders. It is done!

And here is a sweater turned into pillows

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That's darling. Good job.

I saw two tops at the thrift store for $12 each last week. They were so ugly but I guess I could have finished them up for our charity group. Selfish me. Yours has me inspired now.

I'll do better next time I see one.

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Your rescue job is awesome...I love the bird - it really makes the top...well done!

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A challenge well met!! Your quilt turned out great. I like the addition of the different block, a point of interest. My first thought was that you planned it that way. Pillows are nice as well. TFS.\

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I like the quilt, what a great find! You did a good job finishing it. The pillows are really cute.

Best to you,

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Karlene, the quilt is lovely! The applique with the "odd" block is perfect...makes it look like a planned focal point.

And what a neat way to repurpose an old sweater!


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I love your pillows ~ made me pull a sweater out of the donate bag and look at it differently.

It is amazing the amount of work you did to redo your rescued quilt top. You truly are a Master at using your stash and vintage fabrics and making something out of nothing! I applaud your creativity and always look forward to your posts! I love the bird and different block - it looks wonderful.
What are your plans for this quilt now that you have given it a wonderful life?

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Thank you all. I have a daughter getting married next year so I hope, for the first time, to sell some of my quilts to raise money for the wedding.

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I love the bird. It makes the whole thing special! Your pillows are wonderful.

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I agree the bird idea is brilliant! I love the pillows too.

We never have anything like that in our thrift shops.

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Love the bird idea! Instead of it looking odd, it looks planned and gives it a little extra interest. I never thought of using a sweater to make a pillow! It looks almost like needlepoint. Beautiful.


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The bird is adorable. It really makes the top something unique.

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I'm very impressed that you deconstructed and reconstructed the entire quilt. I think your special block with the bird really add a lot to the quilt. Nice job!


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