My least favorite part

imraineyNovember 16, 2010

I'm sewing the binding on a quilt.

I get excited taking each pin out as I sew up to it knowing that at least that part is DONE. But handling a quilt full of pins everywhere makes me nutz! Everything I touch pricks me and, to make it worse, I do my hand sewing at night, usually in jammies without a bra on and guess what gets stuck besides my hands when I lift it into the area I can see and work! =o

I know I'm probably the only one obsessive/compulsive enough to pin the entire binding. But once it's machine stitched to the front I want it to look done right away. I am my own worse enemy! =o

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Oh, I pin it too! Otherwise it will get twisted and won't lay right.

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Since you are moving it around so much as you work on it a bit at a time, why not do a loooong basting stitch instead of pinning or use safety pins instead of straight pins? I've done that because occasionally a straight pin that I didn't keep track of will work it's way out and either be found painfully, unexpectedly or drive me nuts looking for it when I realize it is not in place....

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I don't pin, except occasionally at the corners. I've seen people use little clips that look like hair clips...those wouldn't stick you.


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I glue it down one side at a time, press the binding to dry glue and then sew. No pins. I stop and miter each corner and then glue another edge so I do it in four steps. Then I sew it to the back by hand. I do pin that down as I go, a few pins at a time to hold it rolled over where I want it.

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I never pin on binding. It always comes out well. I only pin long borders, and only minimally, and when joining blocks that have an intersecting seam that wouldn't look right if not matching exactly. But I don't stress over tiny imperfections, anyway, only giant, blatant mess-ups! My least favorite part is making the sandwich if the quilt is large.

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I use binding clips to hold the binding. I bought lots of them when I was a new quilter, but found I don't need that many. I just clip a few inches and move the clips down as I sew.
Linda OH

Here is a link that might be useful: Quilting clips

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I'm with ritaweeda--I never pin the binding and have good luck. I do use my walking foot though since when you sew a binding on you're going through 4 layers of fabric and 1 of batting. If you wanted, you could used 1/4" Steam-A-Seam instead of pins, but that could be kind of a pain with a big quilt.

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I also use the walking foot to sew binding. I've never used bias binding, since I've never done a scalloped-edge quilt.

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I'm another that does not pin the binding, but I am a lazy quilter so I avoid pinning, pressing, trimming, etc. as much as possible!

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