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decosmitteeApril 30, 2013

Hello, please review my layout and suggest changes, if needed. We are trying not to make a lot of changes but want a kitchen that is functional as we will not be moving anytime soon.

The perimeter cabinets will be painted BM White Dove and the island a dark chocolate stain. The microwave and trash cans will be in the island. The wall with no cabinets will be completely tiled.

Any advice provided would be greatly appreciated.

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Another picture

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don't care for the you have a few other mockups to choose from.

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What do adjacent rooms/space look like? Just the right-angle walls makes it tricky to give feedback.

When you say you don't want to make many changes, we assume window doesn't move? What about the range/hood/sink?

I'm unclear which wall will be all tile...and a little confused by that...

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Could you tell us a little about you and your family and how you plan to use the kitchen? The "Read Me" thread has a "Layout Help" topic that describes the information we need as well as how to most effectively request layout help.

Some suggestions:

  1. Move the DW to the other side of the sink so it's not b/w the range and sink - that's the prime location for a Prep Zone and you should try to keep the DW out of the Prep Zone.

Eliminate the upper cabs that go down to the counter. You don't have enough useful counterspace on the perimeter, so you cannot afford the counter space they rob you of. (They also look unbalanced to me - especially b/c they're so prominent.) Move the trash pullout next to the sink b/w the sink and range. The trash pullout is most useful, first, in the Prep & Cooking Zones and, second, in the Cleanup Zone. How wide are the aisles? (Measure counter edge-to-counter edge, not cabinet-to-cabinet. Most countertops are approx 1.5" deeper than the cabinets - so standard counters are 25.5" deep.) Does the wall next to the refrigerator have to stay? If not, I suggest removing it. You will gain 4" or more of space that can be added to that 15" cabinet to the right of the range...making it an 18" cab. 18' is better for emergency landing space as well. The leftover 1" can be used for a finished panel on the right side of the refrigerator to give it a built-in look.

If you're planning to use the island as the Prep Zone, be aware that without a water source it will not be a very useful Prep Zone and you will most likely find yourself prepping b/w the sink and range on the perimeter - b/c that's where the water is. Water is an important part of prepping! If you would like to use the island for prepping, then I suggest adding a prep sink.

Since I can't see the entire space, I can't see if you can make the island wider. While 5' is wide enough for an 18" prep sink (leaving you with 42" of prep space), if you could add another 12" (or more) to it, it would be better - even 3" to 12" more would be nice. It would be nice to be able to have at least a 6" or 9" cab on the side of the sink with less space.

With your current 60" wide island:
1.5" counter overhang + 18" prep sink cab + (39" cabinet + 1.5" counter overhang)...the 42" in parens would be your prep space

Add another 9":
1.5" counter overhang + 9" cab + 18" prep sink cab + (39" cabinet + 1.5" counter overhang)...the 42" in parens would be your prep space. The 9" cab could be used for cutting boards, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: New To Kitchens? Posting Pics? Read Me!

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Thanks for the responses. I will respond to each individually later today. Running late for work. In the meantime, here is my current kitchen. This will give you an idea of current layout and the other rooms nearby. I plan to use the old cabinets in a rental property.

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Herbflavor - thanks for the feedback. I hope to have additional drawings created after getting some feedback.

SeattleCraftsman - I posted a better picture. Hopefully, that helps. I would prefer not to move the window, range, hood and sink. The wall with the range will be tiled. I am using Michelle16's kitchen as my inspiration. I love her range wall.

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Buehl - thanks SO much! There are only two adults in the house. Our sons visit often but only stay a couple of days. We host gatherings mostly during the holidays. The kitchen is used daily but we do not cook huge meals.

#1 - I love the idea of moving the dishwasher. I will add that to the next layout.

#2 - I was using Michelle16's kitchen as my inspiration. I love how her upper cabinets go down to the counter. I would love yo incorporate that if I can.

#3 - I love this idea.

#4 - my aisles are both 40" (near frig) and 42" (near sink)

#5 - I will check on this.

I can't add a water source to the island. I added a picture showing the entire area.

Thanks again.

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