Peninsula around a return?

aannneeeeApril 4, 2013

Delurking to ask a question!

I've attached a picture of our tentative plan for when we remodel our kitchen--we're opening up the space between the kitchen and dining room, but want to maintain a return on both sides to keep the character of the house (an open floor plan would not work in our 1929 center hall colonial).

My husband is getting cold feet about how the peninsula will look--the peninsula is more or less the whole reason for the remodel so I'm not willing to give it up (more counter space + a place to sit!). I don't want a two-tiered peninsula, since it's also going to end up being a craft area/messy table for the kids, but I'm finding it very difficult to locate images of a peninsula that works around a return. The only one I could find is Trekker's kitchen from several years ago (but I love what they did!!):

Can anyone give suggestions on how to make this work? We'd like to not encroach on the dining room area too much with the peninsula, hence using shallower base cabinets. The drawing isn't totally exact, since it doesn't include the correct corner base cabinet. We're probably going to go with Barker's for our cabinets, so hoping we can get it pretty custom to make it work. Just trying to figure out HOW to make it work!!

Thanks for any tips!

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