WHere to find reasonably priced grey sheets/bedskirt?

tinanJune 6, 2012

We painted the bedroom BM Wedgewood grey (blue!) and ordered a Costco dark grey headboard the curtains are pure white. I envisioned white quilt with light soft grey sheets and bedskirt but can't fin this color at any of my usual places! I don't want to spend more than $125 for a sheet set.

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From personal experience, my gray sheets started looking just plain unclean after a few washes. I don't have a big budget, and I'm sorry I wasted the money on gray. I now have white and they look much better.
I would swap your colour choices. (gray quilt, white sheet) if possible.
You may have a different experience. :)

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Do you like sateen or percale? These look pretty...I don't have personal experience with them, though! One looks gray...the other a blue gray which u might like...

Here is a link that might be useful: Sheets

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Ah! Just noticed they r out of those two colors. Anyway....it seems like kohls would b a reasonably priced store for you to try.

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Target has them and they're wrinkle free!

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Maybe these from JCP:

grey sheets

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Ha! I was going to say Target too! I recently had to get something there and did a run through in the bedding aisle and saw a lot of grey.

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I have a very similar headboard in what seems to be almost the same color (mine is from Crate and Barrel). I bought a dark gray bedskirt from Restoration Hardware back when they had a sale. It's the same color as my headboard. I also have light gray sheets from Eileen Fisher (Garnet Hill) which are expensive but they also were on sale when I got them. I also have white linen sheets with a light gray border from RH, and a gray floral set of pillow shams also from RH. These are probably more than you want to spend, but you might be lucky and find them on sale or on Ebay!

Sometimes if I want a fancy set of sheets that's outside my budget, I buy just the pillow cases or shams and use them with less expensive sheets!

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Maybe I'll stick to white sheets, but I'd really like to match (or a few shades lighter) the headboard for the bedskirt!

I am not sure if I prefer percale or sateen yet - I hate clingy sheets but I hate scratchy sheets even more. So far I haven't found any I am very happy with after a few washes.

Are wrinkle free sheets treated with something or are they not 100% cotton? I find sheets confusing.

Here is the bedroom so far... with the new headboard. Will be hanging pictures with silver frames. The bench at the foot of the bed is for our elderly kitty to use to get up on the bed, and for his little bed :)

I am trying to move away from brown, which we had a lot of in our last place - but furniture is very dark brown. The headboard looks a bit brownish in this pic but it's more grey than brown.

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West Elm....

Here is a link that might be useful: Shades of Gray

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Has anyone suggested Target yet? ;^)

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There are some in the current The Company Store catalog. 400-thread count percale in Gray Pearl. On sale even, although slightly higher than your goal.

Here is a link that might be useful: the company store

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I stopped by target and did pick up a white sheet set - did I mention the bed is King not Cal King and it's almost impossible to find sheets and definitely impossible to find bedskirts this size in local stores? I got Fieldcrest long staple egyptian cotton in white, I hope they feed good - they may be a bit thick for summer. We don't have A/C and need very light covers.

I was envisioning shades of grey - darker pewter bedskirt, lighter sheets and then perhaps a white quilt - what do you think of that scheme?

I love the look of the Lexington quilt at West Elm but it's pricey and it is polyester - can't sleep under that we will sweat to death. We need 100% cotton!

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Ikea!! not sure if it is the right gray for you, but it's worth a try. They have a KING sheet set, and also a duvet and pillowcase set.

DH and i have the sheets in chocolate and LOVE them! they are so soft and just get softer with every wash.

good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea Gray sheets

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