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karpetNovember 11, 2010

for my quilt backs to arrive by mail for the 2 wedding quilts, it has given me a chance to do some quick quilts. It has really renewed my enthusiasm to be doing projects that are quick, even though they are simple. I need to remember that the more complex patterns do take time and not underestimate how long they will take since I think that is what leads to me getting discouraged. (Not that I will remember on the next project!)

On another forum a member posted this link for '10 Minute Quilt Blocks' and I cut one out last night and am eager to sew it together tonight. (Guess what came in the mail this week? Another wedding invite! ARGGH! Not another wedding quilt just as I'm finishing 2! But this one will be done with a quick pattern.)


Here is a link that might be useful: 10 minute quilt block

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Karlene, as far as wedding gift quilts go, most people would never know the difference if it was an "easy" pattern or a difficult one...they will just appreciate that you took the time to make a gift! I think I would probably do a time-intensive project for close family or friends, and quicker ones for people I'm not so close to.


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Very magical and I'm sure it's exhilarating to make a top so quickly. I particularly like the one she did with the jellyroll -- I think a 20" block needs more going on than a square in the center myself.

I must say, tho, that I'm very confused about how a 10" piece turns into the small square. Is it 2 1/2"? I can't tell. In any case, it has to be several thicknesses in the center. How does that quilt?

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Donna -
you are so right! I know most people do no know the difference. I do need to be more realistic in the patterns I pick for people who are not as close to me. I usually just go with the next pattern on my list that I want to try as long as it fits the couple.

Reading back over my post it may sound like I'm against weddings - I'm actually very much in favor of weddings! Just venting about how I let myself get bogged down (in my mind)with these two tops.

imrainey - I have not sewed up my 10 minute blocks yet, so I'm not sure what size the square will be in the middle - I think I may do that this evening (the best laid plans!) so I'll let you know. With machine quilting I frequently go through several layers and it is not an issue - I'm sure with hand quilting it would be a different story.

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I just looked at the video. I've seen bowtie blocks done that way. I had trouble quilting them because the foot would get under that loose folded edge.

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I liked her idea of sewing down the edges, or even rolling them and sewing like a faux cathederal window.

My backings were supposed to arrive between the 10-12 but that has been revised to the 15th. I've gotten a couple quick flannel tied blankets almost done and maybe tonight it the night for the bowtie blocks. The best laid plans...

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So my backings arrived yesterday, but there was no rejoicing. What had been advertised as cotton, turned out to be a cotton/polyester blend. Another delay...

On the up side, I tried the 3-D bow tie block for a friend and I used 6" squares. It was a lot of fun to put together! I'm using up my flannel scraps and the blocks are quite bulky in the middle, but since I'm tying it, I thought I would do it with buttons.

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I rather like that 10 minute block. As with anything it's all in the fabric. I think you could do that with 5" charm squares as well and end up with a 10"block. 20" is very big.

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Any size squares would work - although it does get a little trickier spreading out the 'pocket' for the 3rd seam with the smaller you go on the square size.

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Yeah! I have my backings! So I'll be a sandwich maker today! (and there was dancing!) One of these quilts is going to be a definite toe-bender! (so heavy that when you are laying under it, the weight will bend your toes!)

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I guess I shouldn't expect anything to go easy with these two quilts! I went to lay them out for sandwiching, and the batting was wonky on one side so I was a few inches short. I actually ended up trimming batting from another corner and whip-stitched it into place right there on the floor. I was whooped, so I saved the second one for today - and found I'm a good foot short of backing on one side - where was my brain as I was measuring everything out! So, I've added a strip of fabric and am getting ready to attempt sandwiching again!

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that looks like it would be easy, want to try it and I will look for some other 10 minute blocks you guys have made. tfs.

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