pigmented stucco vs. painting. please help!

xemomJuly 2, 2006

my contractor and his framing crew all recommend using the pigmented stucco for our almost complete house. the price he quoted will be just about the same as the paint job and of course we'd save on painting in years to come. my biggest concern is water stains. i see a lot of new homes that have what look to be permanent water stains or discolored areas, not the look i'm after in a modern house. i've also heard it's harder to match a color when mixing the stucco than matching a paint color. i don't want to use any of their existing colors. we live in the san francisco bay area so stucco here is a way of life. any help is greatly appreciated. thankyouthankyou.

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The final coat in the stucco process is the colorcoat and is a product purchased seperately, from standard color charts, or mixed to your specs.
The generally accepted practice is to complete a wall, bottom to top, corner to corner.

Here are a couple of links to broaden your horizons;

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"the price he quoted will be just about the same as the paint job" - Not sure I understand this. As noted above the color comes from the colorcoat which is the final step in applying stucco. There is really no extra cost to end up with a stucco that is the color you want. How can that be the same amount of money as having to pay for a paint job in addition to applying the stucco? Also, if you are not happy with the final result, you can always elect to paint later. Stucco holds paint very well. In general paint on stucco is only a problem on something like a retaining wall where there is water penetrating from the other side.

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What did you decide? I'm in Mill Valley and currently debating the same issue. And do you mind sharing your paint/stucco quotes? We've gotten two prices for painting, one was broken out for interior and exterior and exterior was $25k and the other bid was $45K for inside and out. It is a 2400sq ft house.

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i don't know if anyone is still following this thread, but thanks for your help. ventupete, the price for the final color coat was quoted at about the same price as slapping on a couple of coats of exterior on the stucco portion. we're goin' with the colored stucco. however, the quote that had me reaching for the smelling salts was the first full paint quote from one of my contractor's reiable bevy of subs. 30k for the interior and 16k for the exterior. granted there's a lot of post and beam fir that will be sanded, stained and sealed, but still. it almost makes me want to fly in a crew from the midwest, put 'em up at the holiday inn express and cook them their meals. that's gotta be cheaper. just one of the prices we pay for living in the beautiful bay area.

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What you are being subjected to, is ridiculous. Stucco has always been quoted as a finished product, meaning that the color coat is included.
A special or dark color may elicit a minor up charge, as well as a slick, smooth finish, or a wild texture.

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I purchased a new house in 1999 that was stucco exterior with a custom color. The color was different than I had envisioned and I got a quote from the builder to repaint the house. To do this the builder quoted me 2700.00 dollars.

The finish coat was a elastomer based paint and any color could be added. I can't imagine being quoted as a paint job,it should be in the cost of the stucco. I think you are being taken advantage of. All stucco today is covered with a elastomer colored coating it's just part of the stucco exterior.

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I'm also in the Bay Area. Maybe it's standard practice in our region, but all of the stucco contractors I've talked to (4-5) have given me a quote for uncolored stucco, ie you have to paint it. When I asked about color in the stucco, one contractor told me it would cost more because he would have to use a Dryvit topcoat which costs more. In some ways, it makes sense to me, because it seems you have to pay for the added color pigments.

I'm a bit surprised however at the paint quotes! I got a $10k paint quote for interior and exterior on a 2300 sq ft house. I saw his work on our neighbor's house and it looked good. He was highly recommended by two realtors, one of whom even added, "Please don't tell too many people about him." I know the adage, you get what you paid for, but could an additional $35k of painting be that much better?

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We just put on the color coat final for stucco. We picked a custom color. When it first went on I was worried because itlooked uneven in color, but when it dried--yesterday, it was all even and looked terrific.

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Anytime you can have color in the stucco you have a better product. They acrylic finish coats are fine also. Sometimes painting is the fix. I often worry more about the flashing and moisture barriers.

Here is a link that might be useful: More about stucco

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I agree, the color coat is part of the stucco bid and should be included in the entire overall bid of the job. There should only be a cost difference between an acrylic finish and a traditional cement based finish, due to the different costs for both types of materials.

Get some ideas of what color you want by browsing around the web and looking at some examples.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://thestuccoguy.com/stucco-colors-which-one-to-choose/

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This is false; All stucco today is covered with a elastomer colored coating it's just part of the stucco exterior.

Color coat, as well as brush coat and cement stucco are all lime based.

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