New exterior door trim - attach to subsiding or over insulation

bittersweetdreamsJuly 6, 2011

We are in the midst of a total exterior remodel... new windows, doors, aluminum siding is coming off and new 3/8 inch insulation and then vinyl siding going up.

We have elected to replace the front door 'ourselves' and need some advise. The door has been ordered without brickmold. We are going for a historical look, so we will be adding a 5" flat molding to the edge of the door frame. However, we are wondering, do we attach the 5" trim molding to the subsiding on the house? Or do we leave the 3/8 inch gap for the insulation to tuck in behind it? The door will obviously go in before the new siding goes on...

We're sort of at a which comes first roadblock...

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It depends on the width of the new door jambs. You might need extensions or if you are decent at carpentry/woodworking, you can diy. If your jambs aren't wide enough to span the inside wallboard and outside sheathing , you could flush it up to the outside and fur out on the inside by extending the jambs. It also depends on the thickness of your trim. If its 3/4", the you should probably tuck the 3/8" insulation behind it. Thicker material such as 1-1/2", you could butt the 3/8" insulation up to it. The vinyl should have a "j" channel around the perimeter of the door trim that the siding slips into. That "j" channel should butt up to the trim but not protrude out past the thickness of the trim.

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