How do you mark your quilt for hand quilting?

vicky4x4November 12, 2008

I want the lines to wash out. What does everyone use.


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I use a fine mechanical pencil on light colors, pressing just hard enough to leave a light line. On darks, I use a washable colored pencil in a color that closely matches the background, but can still be seen.


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best marking pencil I've found for colors is Nonce. It's white and waxy and washes out easily with a damp cloth.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nonce pencils

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Crayola washable markers.

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Far and away, my favorite marking tool for straight lines on any fabric is a Hera Marker. It is a piece of plastic with an edge that makes a tiny crease. You can use it before or after basting; I prefer BEFORE for better accuracy. Get the fat ROUNDED one (link below), much easier to use than the pointy slim one. If you make a mistake, simply dampen the fabric and remark again when it gets dry. I use it for other sewing, too; general placement lines for applique, to mark for seams, cutting lines, or alterations.
If you have trouble seeing the line to quilt, simply change your angle of light.
Sometimes I use a fine point blue washable marker, knowing that I CANNOT leave it in the car, or expose it to ANY heat, and that it will have to be rinsed out with plain cold water later.
On dark fabrics, I like to use a White Berol Pencil. With a lot of handling, like on a border that gets quilted last, it can rub off, so sometimes I will need to go over it again later.
Recently I have also tried the Clover White Fine Point Pen that is removed with water or heat. But IMHO, it is expensive and does not cover a lot of territory before it runs out or dries up in storage. It is a new product  who knows what these chemicals will do over the years?
The worst tool you can use is yellow; I've heard horror stories about yellow markers either not coming out, or re-appearing years later or after washing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hera Marker

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I ordered an Ultimate Pounce thingy just now. I was going to try Glad Press-n-Seal and draw right on it, but I read someone's comment that it didn't tear out so easily and left tiny pieces that were near impossible to get out.

They also commented that the Press-n-Seal Freezer was light blue, and heavier. They used it to make stencils for pouncing
just by printing a pattern on paper, apply PnS Freezer, using machine without thread to "sew" along the line making a row of holes. Transfer the PnS Freezer to fabric, and pounce away. She said it was okay to link, so I put the page below.

Sounds neat, and above all for me this time of year, CHEAP.

Here is a link that might be useful: antiquequiltlover's PnS stencil method

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another woman out there in cyberland gives another idea-

Lay a piece of bridal illusion, very fine netting, over the pattern and trace it with a Washable Crayola Marker. Then lay the bridal illusion over the fabric, and trace it again using a Washable Crayola Marker (or other marker of your choice, I presume.) I'd be sure to test this one! And not use yellow!

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I try not to quilt on anything that won't take the thick
washable blue pen, ie, darkcolors :)
I love them because they consistantly come out & they are so easy to use with a stencil. The thicker line is great for my aging eyeballs. Jill

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What a great discussion. You gals have mentioned products I have never heard of. I am particularily interested in the press'n seal stencil. Thanks for sharing all of your methods.

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I've used the Glad Press 'n' Seal wrap. Yes, you can use a marker to draw your pattern on it. It will stick, with just hand pressing, to your fabric. I was so hopeful that I would love it.

BUT, it's an absolute bear (please read other bad words here) to remove. I would never, ever recommend it. I was picking out pieces of that stuff for months from just a small quilt.

So not worth it.

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I use the Bohin mechanical chalk pencils. The "leads" are very fine and you can get them in different colors. They're actually chalk, so they wash off very easily!


Here is a link that might be useful: Bohin Mechanical Pencil

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I just ordered the Bohin with the fine chalk but have 2 of the older ones with the thicker chalk. They work just fine for tracing around templates or cookie cutters. I also use the Crayola or RoseArt washable markers. I've never had a problem with them washing out regardless of the color.

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Always test everything before using it on your quilt.
I tried the PressNSeal for hand quilting some floral designs. To draw the design onto the PNS, I tried ballpoint pen, Sharpie pen, and also some of the lighter color markers. The problem I had, even though I let them all dry for 48 hours first, the color of the marker kept rubbing off onto my thread. The thread got darker and darker. When I took it out, there were dots on the fabric.
Using it as a stencil might work with removable markers, but I'm not sure if chalk would stay on the fabric when you pull off the PNS?

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Rather than Press n Seal to make moveable stencils for pouncing, I use lightweight template plastic. I draw the design with a fine-point permanent marker, sew around it with a dull needle in my sewing machine and then use double-stick tape to hold it in place. I make a pad from some old batting and use baby powder to pounce the design. The baby powder does brush off very easily so this method works best on small simple designs.


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I never heard of using Crayola Washable Markers. WOW I'm going to share the idea with my quilting pals. I know none of them have tried it either. Think I'll try the bridal Illusion idea, I have a small multi colored quilt and have been trying to decide how to mark it. No wonder this is my favorite place to visit.

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I was bound and determined to use that Press n Seal, seeing how I'd already bought it. I marked with a chalk pencil, and put strips or squares of PnS over the marks to protect the chalk. It's on a Q-snap type of frame, and I'm going to take off just one piece of PnS when I'm ready to quilt that part.

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My question is are the Crayola washable markers just the kind you find in the kids department or something special for quilting? It's a new concept for me. I have always bought the making pens use with quilting but find they often dry up before I use them up.

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I have also noticed that the marking pens I have gotten at the quilt store dry up too fast. Are the crayola ones thin enough for fine marking?

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i use crayolas too. (even tho i am still a lowly stitch in the ditch machine quilter) just the ones i can scavenge from the bot's secret stash (he hates it when i steal his markers) just regular old markers. I haven't had any problems with wash out or bleeding. the mini fine tips i find better than the big 'little kid' fat markers.

and they come in oodles of colours so you can either contrast or match for colour.

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