looking for a particular kind of curtain rod

cateyanneJune 26, 2013

I am in the process of getting up new curtains in kitchen windows. I don't want the curtains to cover up any of the woodwork surrounding the windows, so I really want an inside mount. But, I really like the look of decorative finials on the ends of the rods. The curtains will be attached to the rods with rubbed bronze grommets, so I'm looking for a rubbed bronze finish. I can go black if necessary. The only inside mount ones I've found don't have the end finials. Maybe there is a particular name for this type of rod, if there is such an animal?

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i don't beleive it is possible to have inside mount curtain rods with finials You certainly would not be able to have your curtain cover the entire window if there were a finial.

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You could probably do this with a ceiling-mout rod - you'd mount the rod to the top of the inner frame rather than the ceiling of course.

As mentioned, you would have a gap between the curtain and the side of the window due to the finial.

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The closest type of curtain rod to what you are wanting would be Levelor's Twist and Fit rods or a tension mount decorative rod, but it's a double rod. You'll have to highlight this address and then chose to open in a new tab since I can't add two live links without using HTML....

Here is a link that might be useful: Twist and Fit Rod

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The mount is on the inside, but the decorative finials are on the outside, not hindering total curtain coverage.In other words, a more decorative inside rod mount instead of the "unseen" rod that is usually what you get with an inside mount. I know I've seen them but can't remember where.
Justgotabme, that is close to what I'm referring to, thanks for that post.

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