Stocking up on batting

toolgrannyNovember 3, 2012

For those who have a JoAnn's and get the flyer, notice that little coupon on the back that gives you 25% off for a few days starting yesterday. The fine print is that it includes SALE items and batting is currently 50% off. So the bottom line is a real good deal. Boy, that made my day. I brought home 12 yards of my favorite Warm N White. That should last me awhile.

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Whoo-Hoo Thanks Linda!

I am picking up new temporary glasses today- make them on site - and they just happen to be located across the street from Joanns!

I hope they still have batting in stock!

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Okay~it was hard!!! But I bought 4 5/8 yards of the Warm Blend - a 50 / 50 ploy /cotton by the Warm Company - reg price $16.99/yd and 12 yards of the Warm & White - reg price $14.99/yd. I got the newest - untrained gal at Joanns and the manager wasn't much better --- she thinks only the Poly is 50% off - ahhh - no the Warm on the sign is THE WARM COMPANY Batting!! okay -- it was scary measuring - I hope I got what I paid for - DH and I think maybe I got more -- who knows???? But I am happy.
Now I need to quilt! Thanks again Linda.

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The same thing happened to me...they told me the Warm and Natural was not on sale. Luckily I had an instore flyer that had a 50% off coupon so I used it then the 25% off my total order.


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Well - I treked over to JoAnns and got 12 yards of warm & white also - $7.49/yard - then 25% off total order. It was a zoo in there - it is initiation night tonight for most of the fraternities and they were having a toga party. There were about 20 young men in suits buying fabric for their togas - quite creative in their choices of fabric - but it too FOREVER to get to my number for cutting!

Thanks for the tip, Linda.

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They also have the 5 pack of 45 mm rotary cutter blades on for 16.99 and then you can use the 25% off coupon so is really a great saving. The coupon is good tomorrow too.


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Well, I still have another coupon to use. I didn't notice the blades but if I'm out that way again, I'll score blades too. They may be out by now. Thanks Mary.

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I forgot about the blades--- I got blades too!! :)

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hmmm... I made a special trip to JoAnne's, picked up the warm and natural and only got the 25% off w/ my coupon. I just checked the Joanne's site for my store and what I purchased w/ 25% will be on sale for less than 1/2 price on 11/8. Guess I'll be taking it back and buying it again!@#$%^.

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Wow! A few days of computer problems and I didn't catch the sale you've all saved a bundle on! Bravo! Last time I was in our JoAnne's they were out of warm and natural completely.

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I get the e-mail flyers from Joann's. Today's flyer had a couple of items of interest, one of which was batting at 50% off. Since they now deliver to Canada, (and I don't get to Detroit to shop in person), I decided to order Warm and White King for my next wedding quilt. Also ordered some other sizes.
Sort of sticker shock as I checked out. Shipping, Special handling and Processing fees added up to $76. Was it a bargain??? I think yes overall but next time, I would have to make sure I was ordering several items, never just one or two.

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Thanks to reading this thread I scored two queen sized packaged warm and natural bats (in package) for $19.99 each. They didn't have a price on the by the yard and very little choice. No warm and white except craft size. Think I did ok since the other coupon, for 60% off went for a new ergonomic rotary cutter. Still have two blades of the same size, so decided the new cutter was the way to got! IF they were telling the truth they had them priced at 44.99 each before the sale, so I think I did ok.

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You did great. I went back to score blades and they were sold out of everything, even batting. So I'm glad I got that early last week before word got out. I'll get blades later on. There'll be more coupons.

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