Hanging into brick ?

greenhavenrdgardenJuly 18, 2014

I want to hang a large mirror over my fireplace. I have French cleats rated up to 200lbs. I think I am using one on each side of the mirror bc the mirror is wide (71 inches). The mirror is heavy, maybe 70lbs. I can lift it (and I'm kind of a weakling) but it is heavy. I figure the 200 lb cleat rating is over kill. I'm fine with that ;-)
I've been reading the best way to do this but I'm getting conflicting info. If I use an anchor does it go into the brick or the mortar? I'm worried the mortar would crumble but it seems around here people suggest that over the brick. And is an anchor the best way to go about this?
I'm PROBABLY going to hire out because I don't want to screw this up but I do want to know the proper way to do this before someone comes to my house.
I see lots of photos with tvs and mirrors hung on brick. Is this a bad idea structural wise? No earth quakes near me but I don't want it to fall-ever.
Thanks in advance.

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Ok - the mirror is 70 lbs / 2 hangers - that's only 35 lbs a hanger.

If the mortar is solid it really doesn't matter if it's in the brick or mortar.

I think plastic screw anchors would be enough. You can go to any big box store and see the load rating on the boxes of anchors.

There is no structural problem with hanging something like this on a brick wall.

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I'd hammer drill holes forTap Con masonry fasteners into the mortar, provided it's solid. It's much easier to repair mortar than brick when you change your mind. No way is a 70lb. mirror going to fall attached this way.

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Thank you. I don't have a hammer drill. Is it something I can do with a regular drill? I bought the Tap Con masonry fasteners today. I had read recommendations for them on previous GW threads. They came with a bit. Should I invest in a hammer drill? Will my regular drill work? I'm back to thinking I might tackle this myself. If I need to buy a hammer drill, I probably can hire a handy man instead for a similar price.....but then I wouldn't own a hammer drill. Decisions decisions.

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Into the mortar, no problem with a non-percussive drill. Just a lot longer in the brick. Be sure to use masonry bits.

You can get a decent combination rotary/hammer drill for less than a $100.

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Thanks everyone. Hung it today. Did it myself. I used my drill, into the brick. The anchor just felt more secure in the brick. When my husband came home and was helping me lift it, he asked me if I used his hammer drill. Apparently we own one. I wish I knew that this morning! My arms are still sore from drilling. For anyone reading this in the future, if you have a hammer drill it will be a heck of a lot easier. It's doable otherwise but a pain in the butt!

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Nice job! For the record, you could also have rented a hammer drill at Home Depot for a few hours.

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