Projects to do in order?

DualvansMommyJuly 9, 2012

We've decided to start renovations on our kitchen and expand our existing laundry room to include a mud room. In addition, our siding needs to be replaced, along with back windows which include two patio doors.

Which makes sense to start first? Hubby feels we need to do all of the 3 as our kitchen reno includes a 3 feet bump-out which will affect the siding and all of our windows in the kitchen. He also feels while we're at it, might as well replace our 25 year old deck which is attached to our family room & kitchen. We've gotten a couple of estimates which are pretty pricey considering all the projects involved and am trying to persuade hubby that doing everything isn't neccesary.

Which would you guys do first?? and in what order too?

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I'd go with your husband's plan. May as well do it all at once if you can. If you can do any of it on your own, that could save on prices, e.g. build the deck. After all, how much value will it add vs the costs? Why make messes more than once? It's how I'd go about thinking about it.

-Robin (female, despite the sound of my name. Just cause I'm not over here a lot)

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