how do i get on the mls fsbo?

bothNovember 4, 2009

I am trying to sell my home but can not afford a realator. So I have put it on craigslistchicago and plan on putting a sign in front of the house with the price. My price without a realator is great for Chicago but with a realator fees attached 285,000 it is not going to sell fast in this market. This is going to sound crazy but I only have four weeks to try and go under contract or I will have to rent it. Anyway what is the best way to get on the MLS without a realator? Any suggestions would be great!!!

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The MLS was created and is owned by Realtors. You need to be a Realtor to list your home. There are Realtors who will list your home on MLS for a flat fee. You might try googling "flat fee MLS" + your city name to find one.

P.S. There is no such word as realator

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Type these words into

chicago flat fee real estate agent

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Remember, the people looking that the MLS are almost all working with agents of their own. Even if you aren't going to hire an agent yourself, almost all of your potential buyers are going to expect that you pay THEIR agent. If you had time to sit and wait for an offer from someone without an agent, that might be OK for you. If you need to sell in a hurry though, chances are it will cost you 2.5-3% plus the flat fee listing.

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I am going to list my home with an on-line broker. The one I have chosen supplies signs, lock box, a brochure (I pay the paper and printing costs) as well as MLS,, craigslist, Zillow, etc. The cost is under $1,000 and I will also state on the MLS site and others that I will pay 3% to a buyer's agent.

The broker I am using is in Washington state and that is where I live. Google "online real estate broker" or "FSBO online broker". You should get quite a few sites from which you can choose.

In addition to that, I will have a website with lots of photos and info that will be referenced in my brochures and on all the sites that I post. This will be about $100. I figure my total costs, before paying a buyer's agent, will be about $1,000.

Sure beats the $12 to 13,000 I'd have to pay the listing agent.

Good luck.

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