Are you quilting this weekend? Nov. 2-4

lindaoh_gwNovember 2, 2012

Wow, this week flew by for me. I hope everyone in the path of Sandy is safe. We had strong winds and rain mixed with a little snow here in NW Ohio. We didn't have any damage, just a couple small limbs down from the maple trees.

I quilted two baby quilts for my quilt group. We give a quilt to the first baby of the year at our local hospital. Someone was worried that there may be twins born first so we made two quilts this year.

I have been busy working on the quilts for Christmas that I am making for my family. I completed the quilt tops for DD, DGS, and have borders to put on DIL's quilt. The blocks are made for DS's quilt. The only quilt I haven't started is for DSIL.

Did you work on quilts this week? Are you quilting this weekend?

Linda OH

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I hope to do some sewing tomorrow! We are planning to go visit mom in rehab Sunday afternoon. She was sick yesterday and I thought I might need to go, but the nurse called me back and said she was doing better so I stayed home.

I haven't been feeling great myself, so I may not feel like sewing tomorrow, but I hope so!


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I will be doing nothing extra this month but quilting until a commission quilt is done. I'm looking forward to it - I'll be cutting into fresh cotton, hopefully tonight!

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Same message as last weekend - hope to get this wedding signature quilt ready for the quilting. Have it almost together and still trying to decide if I do it here or send it out. Once borders are on, I may go over to whichever long armer has the time and see what they say. I think I'd gladly pay to get this one off my list.

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No quilting here - we are leaving Sunday for Florida to see Mickey! I'm going to a hockey game with my son tonight, and I need to get packed. Will be out of touch for a week.

Hope everyone ets lots of stuff finsihed!


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Sue, have a great time here! The weather is just beautiful.


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Sue, if you have too much fun here in Orlando and need bail money, let us know! LOL

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You can count on it, Kate! Thanks.

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Thursday I finished all the hand-quilting on my Grandma's queen-size quilt which is going to be her Christmas present. So next week will start cutting the binding fabric for it. Yesterday and today have been crocheting my son's Ripple afgan which will be one of his Christmas presents; I've been working on it since last December and thankfully it is getting near completion and gives me a good project to work on while watching tv (or rather listening to tv).

Best to you,

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I did work on a couple quilts this week but probably won't get much done this week-end as we're heading over to Orlando tomorrow afternoon and meeting DGD (Meagan-UCF student) for the UCF football game in the evening, spending the night and coming home Sunday. I have one lotto block completed and another that I'm working on making HST. I might be able to get those completed and squared tomorrow morning.

Sue, It looks like it will be a nice week for Disney. I have another DGD (Danielle-USF student) who works part-time there, but I don't know what her hours are or where her station is. Hope you have fun!


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My DH and I shall be watching our youngest g'son tomorrow as Daddy and Mama head off with friends to an OSU football game. They seldom get a chance to get away together for an adult activity, so I'm thrilled to have been asked. He likes coming to his Nanny's house but has never done an all-day here and needless to say, I doubt any quilting will get done unless I sneak up there first thing in the morning. Perhaps Sunday.

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Donna, I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well... Hopefully it doesn't linger....

Sue, the weather here is beautiful.... you are going to love it. I think the Food and Wine Festival is still going on at Epcot.... friends who work there harrass me to go with them sometimes, but I worked there when I was 19 and have had enough magic for a lifetime! They call me a 29 year old aunt bea since Id rather be home than go to the parks..... just give me my rocking chair, quilt, cat, and Readers Digest. :o). Are you staying in one of the Disney resorts? If you get a chance to stroll through Downtown Disney one evening, it's a neat place.... Lights everywhere and lots of unique shops and restaurants! You may know this already, but send yourself a text message of which section and row you park in, if you're driving.... the parking lots are massive and it's so easy to lose the car!

I work tomorrow, but Ill be slumped back over my machine with my nose to the grindstone (or handwheel!) And the pedal to the metal on Sunday....

Oh, 2 weekends ago when I posted that I was going to see my grandmother, I forgot to update you.... she'd told me she got an old dirty sewing machine at a thrift store for 10 bucks and wanted me to look at it.... I got there and it was an Singer 401A.... my sewing machine friend says it's arguably one of the best Singers ever made because it is gear driven.... slant shake, and ugly as sin! It sewed great and I oiled it up for her... I didn't know what it was until I got back home to my computer and told her what she had.... she was really proud of herself. ;o). We had a few laughs because it zig zagged when I set it on straight stitch and went straight when I had it on zig zag.... we thought it might be possessed. :o)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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I've been on a roll lately and am determined to finish all my UFO's. I will definitely finish quilting one and hope to start another project. It falls into the "what was I thinking category" but I will finish it and donate it to my guild's charity project. The only other thing I'm doing is going to the gym.

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LOL, Vac...I worked in the shop in Cinderella's Castle for one Christmas season (2 weeks) and that was enough of the Mouse for me, too! The only reason I worked there was b/c my family was planning to go to GA to my brother's for Christmas and my boyfriend (now DH) was in Orlando and I needed a reason to stay home! :)

The church handbell choir plays at Disney during the Christmas season and they give us tickets, so DH & I usually use them to go to the W&F festival. Haven't been yet this year, though.

This year we'll be playing at Shades of Green on Dec. 14 and the Animal Kingdom Lodge on Dec. 15.


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Well, you all sound pretty busy. Like Fran, I am on a UFO kick and not allowing myself to begin anything new until I complete some closeted projects. Recently I finished a scrappy that had been on the go for six years! Just one of those things that I kept putting aside for long periods of time while I worked on other things. Have a small quilt that needs to be bound, a Christmas wall hanging that I finished up this week and just needs a sleeve on the back. Have 2 schlep bags on the go, one for our church auction made of music themed fabric and one of knitting themed fabric that will be a Christmas gift. I am meandering the blocks for the bags so will do doubt work on that today and maybe get some blocks sewn together. Have to fit in some leaf raking sometime, though.

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We got home about 1:30 this afternoon and after taking a good nap, I finished sewing the HSTs, squared them up and have them ready to sew together for a lotto block. I also have one side of 2 more purple crumbs to put the white sashing on and a large 9-patch I'm calling Crumb Surprise to put together....I think this is the 6th 18 inch block I've made for this quilt top. Will post a pic when I get them together. It's going to be an early night for me.....


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A week of computer trouble, a couple days of company and no sewing! Better luck tomorrow.

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