School district or Town - where to list?

jane__nyNovember 12, 2008

I've mentioned that we are planning to put our house on the market in Spring. I have a question about where to list our house.

We live in an unincorporated area and share services with surrounding towns. My Post Office address is different from our School District, which is in a different Village. We pay taxes to the Town where are post office is. People think we live in the Town of our address (we don't).

Do we list the house with a Realtor from the School District or the Village (our PO address)? We feel the School District is where we should list because most people shop according to School Districts. How is this handled?


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List things where they should be, taxes paid to
school district is.....then in the comment area put difference in districts is correct house sits on fringe.
We have at least three houses we've owned end up in fringe areas. PO was one town, school another, taxes another and that is how we handled it.
You'd be surprise how many folks will want a house that is in the fringe of things.......especially if it offers them the best of what the area has to offer.

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It doesn't matter where the realtor's from, and the house would be going onto MLS anyway, where the whole country can see it (and you can make a ref. in the blurb to the diff. addresses).

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If I remember correctly, you live in Briarcliff right?

Briarcliff is a desirable school district and you should definitely include in your description. Its not unusual to see Hartsdale, NY, Ardsley Schools, Greenburgh recreation or something like that.

As far as listing, I would go with the real estate office who has the most listings in your neighborhood. Good Luck.

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But isn't the listing agent responsible for presenting the house? Isn't her agency the one listed in the newspaper/on-line?

These two Villages are very different and I feel would attract different buyers. Our home is in the better school district and we bought this house because of the schools and land. We worked with a Realtor in that Village. Our taxes are higher because of the schools.

I'm thinking we should list with someone from the school district...although, we really liked this lady.

But she was the first Realtor we met with,


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Got it!


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Jane, list the house with a reputable agent/office in your area. It doesnt have to be in the village or school district. The WCMLS system, will spit the listing back if it doesnt match the tax record so its really not an option to list it one way or the other. People will search the way they want to search. Some will search the town, some will search the school district.

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What has sold nearby lately? Whose listings sold for fair prices in a reasonable timeframe? That's the Realtor you want to interview.

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Thanks, chisue, how do I find out who sold in a reasonable timeframe? I have no idea. I can find houses for sale but not houses which sold and when they were listed.

Can you share where I find that info?


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Me again - definitely list with an agent where the school district is.

If I was looking for Briarcliff schools, my inclination would be to look for a Briarcliff agent as opposed to an Ossining one. Nothing wrong with Ossning (brother lives there) but Briarcliff speaks louder when you're trying to sell a house. Briarcliff agents will probably have more clients looking for a house in that particular school district than Ossning.

In Westchester, schools matter more than towns. Good Luck.

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Thanks, jyyanks, you are right which is the reason for my dilemma.

My PO is P'ville which is has a totally different flare from Briarcliff. Also, P'ville doesn't bus their kids, they are a sidewalk town. Briarcliff practically walks the kids to your door. Big school taxes. Different type of people.

When we were looking, we wanted Briarcliff schools. Moved from the City wanted small school system. Didn't look in P'ville at all.

The more I think about it, I should list with Briarcliff.


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