HELP! Slide-in range too high over countertops!

Lisa BotteApril 23, 2010

Here's the story: I have a KD, but I actually provided the design, material choices, etc. We have kept our original cabinets and painted them, adding a few extra cabinets along with trim, beadboard, etc. WAY back in the beginning of the project, I asked the KD, based on posts I had read here, if we needed to either raise the cabinets or raise the counters to account for the hardwood flooring we planned for the whole main floor of the house, including the kitchen. He said NO, it shouldn't be a problem, since it would only be 3/4" of a difference and we wouldn't notice.

Fast forward to today: Cabinets have been altered/painted; granite is installed, along w/a farmhouse sink, which involved a retrofit of the existing sink cabinet. Everything looks GREAT... until the plumbers came to install the new slide-in range. We formerly had a freestanding range; when I told KD I wanted to switch to a slide-in, he suggested I do it now so the counter could be templated to fit properly. When plumbers went to put in the stove (temporarily) until my floor is ready for install, they found it could not be adjusted LOW enough to sit on the counter once the new flooring is installed, even if the feet are removed completely. If they leave the stove on the current subfloor and install hardwood in front of it, the drawer will be "floored" shut. >:(

SO... needless to say, I'm pretty PO'd at the KD and am wondering why I hired him in the first place. (The only thing I needed him for was to measure and order the extra cabinets/trim; he also put me in touch w/the counter people and I am using one of his contractors, who happens to be a local contractor that I could've called myself directly had I known). The plumbers seem to think that a small matching granite spacer w/a finished (round?) edge under the edge of the slide in would work to fill the gap; they talked to the counter guy, who is coming out on Monday to look at it, even though it isn't his problem (luckily, the counter people have been wonderful!). Removing and raising the counters is not an option, since the sink retrofit was a tricky job.

Any ideas that don't involve ingesting copious amounts of alcohol and chocolate? Thanks to those of you who read the entire diatribe!

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I am so sorry your KD and flooring guys are idiots. Take a couple of deep breaths and a minute amount of alcohol and at least one day before deciding to accept or reject the proposed solution. The correct thing to do is re-install everything after raising the cabinets with another layer of subfloor. It needs some thinkin' about what the consequences are and who's paying for them.

It really doesn't have anything to do with the range being a slide-in. The same thing would have happened with numerous ranges.

Be careful of the dw because the next problem usually occurs when the dw needs service but can't be removed without damaging the finish floor. That has happened to multiple people over the years.

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