OT - allergic reaction, has anyone heard of this?

karpetNovember 21, 2010

I was wondering if anyone has heard of this - my oldest DD has started breaking out in hives all over her body. This started on Thur. She has narrowed it down to that it happens when she is in her car. It does not happen if she just sits in the car. But when the car is moving, she breaks out. Once she is out of the car, the reaction begins to fade. She rode in my car last night and had the same reaction. She does not live at home. She lives in an urban area and we live in the country. Has anyone ever heard of what could cause this????



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Maybe she's hyper-sensitive to mold? It could be living in the air handling system and released when air moves through it. She might try having her a/c and vents cleaned out.


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Is this a new car to her? Where is the rash? Any kind of cleaners been used recently on the car seat cushions or the floor mats? Has she loaned the car to anyone recently? Any type of air freshener or deodorizer used in the car?

If the breakout only happens when the car is moving, I agree it could be some irritant in the a/c or heating/vent system.


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Kate suggested what I was going to. When the car is moving the air conditioning or heating may be on blowing who-knows-what into the passenger compartment.

Does she ever have a reaction when fans are blowing heating or air conditioning in bulldings? Wouldn't be a consistent reaction to just any old building. Just the ones that have poorly maintained ducts. I have asthma and the stuff that lives in ducts that don't get cleaned periodically is one of my triggers. I can walk into a restaurant or an office and have to leave 10 minutes later.

If that turns out to be the case it's entirely fixable. She just needs the system cleaned out. And a little preventive Benedryl or Sudafed before she's going to be driving couldn't hurt either.

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One year my DH had what seemed to be an allergy to oak pollen. Whenever he went outside near oak trees, he swelled up, threw up, got congested...I can't remember all. But he was okay indoors. I think it must have been some type of infection, because he's never had it before or since.

I also suspect it wasn't some kind of allergy b/c the doctor gave him antibiotics and it got better.


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We thought it was something with her vent system also until it happened in my car. I've been doing some research and think it may be Cold Urticaria.

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Does it happen in every car, when the heat is on, or when the cold is on, or any place other than the cars? I'm not sure where to tell you to go, but I know you can have the air quality in your cars checked. Perhaps you can check with your local EPA office.


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Karlene, I had never heard of Cold Urticaria but looked it up. I think you've id'd the problem. What a strange condition!

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Karlene -

OMG! Your question gave me chills (no pun intended!) because our youngest DD experienced the exact same thing a few yrs ago. She had some symptoms prior, but then she took a new job half way across the country in LasVegas. We first thought it was just stress & nerves, but low & behold, it really was the cold. Anytime she was in air-conditioning (which in Vegas, is everywhere! lol) she had hives all over. Poor thing was miserable. Needless to say, she changed jobs, locations but still has trouble when she spends a lot of time in A/C. We never ID'd it - but thanks to your research, I think we just did! You nailed it girl, & I thank you SO MUCH!!
I'm going back to the info site to see what the treatment/cure is (hopefully there is one, it's hard to stay completely away from A/C!) Hope your DD finds some relief! -- SOON!

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There is no cure, but anti-histamines like Benadryl or Claritin can be taken. They said that it is most common between the ages of 18-25. Did your daughter fit into that? I wonder if it is a condition that stays, or goes away as suddenly as it comes? I'm relieved to hear that someone else has experienced this (though I'm sorry your daughter is dealing with this.) The body sure can do some strange things! At least it seems to be mainly a rash - I was concerned that it could affect her breathing.

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My ex DIL had that condition, and until she told me about it, and I saw it when she had reactions, I'd never seen a case of it before and I was a nurse.

It would pop up at the strangest times and not pop up when you think it would. She was eighteen when I first met her and is in her very early forties now and I think she has pretty much outgrown it. It is sort of bizarre.

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My DD has that also.Doesn't get too cold in s.ca for most of the time,but when it did(when she was a teenager) as soon as she walked out the door to go to school,she'd break out in hives.

She's now grown and moved to tucson az several years ago,so has fewer attacks.

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My DD was about 20 when she first started having symptoms - still does at 26, but doesn't seem to be as bad. AAGHH!!!!!!! My baby is 26!! (now I'm depressed...:(

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I've had pollen from local trees get sucked into the air system and every time the air blew through it I had the itchy eyes & sneezes.

Also, my ex had a car with a pin-hole leak in the heater's core and that chemical was mixing in the airflow and I had reaction.

Good luck.

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It has helped to hear of others that have experienced this - not that I'd wish this on anyone, but glad to know it is not completely uncommon. Finally convinced DD to try the ice cube test to see if her skin reacted - then she's know it was cold urticaria - sure enough, hives! She was still thinking it was in her car's vent system even though it also happened in my car. At least now that she knows, she can start preparing for it. I hope it goes away as quickly as it came! Thanks everyone!

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