Recording Online Shows??

jasdipJune 3, 2012

I just thought this morning, that the Revenge series would be an awesome show to record and keep. Since we are watching it online, I don't know if it's possible to burn it to a DVD.

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I don't know how easy this would be. A lot things like this are encoded with DRM (Digital Rights Management).

You would probably have to "capture" the video, then have some type of software to encode it to be able to burn it to DVD. I am sure it is do-able, it just how much work you want to go through to do it. Be VERY careful downloading some of the software that enables you do to this - it can be crap-ful of virus and malware.

DD has a USB TV tuner that she hooks up to her laptop. She then hooks the cable TV cord into that. She can use her laptop as a DVR and record shows from TV that way (very simple to do!) I think she uses Windows Media Player to do this.

I have a link to the tuner that she uses.

If I record something on my DVR (DISH) - I can very easily re-record the show/movie onto a DVD using my DVD burner that I have set up with my TV.

Here is a link that might be useful: USB TV tuner

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Sounds like far too much work and hassle.

Since we haven't seen the show this year, till now (that's it's over) we're watching the whole season online.

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