Happy Thanksgiving!

caroline1947November 23, 2011

Have a safe,happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

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From Canada, a very happy holiday. Enjoy!

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Thanks Caroline,same to you and your family and all the quilting families on this board.

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Thank you, Caroline, and to you and your family, too. My 3 girls and their kids are all meeting here at a cabin in TN for our Thanksgiving. We have 3 still traveling and should make it here in the wee hours of the morning. Twenty-one in all.....I'm so happy. Just to sit and listen to all the conversations...the 3 year old is laughing with her great-grampa....smiles all around.


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Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Its a very happy one for us; after a year with a couple major health issues we feel very fortunate to be celebrating our 36th anniversary on Thanksgiving day.


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I made 5 pies today and am taking food to the nursing home tomorrow for my mom, dad, grandma, and sister. My boys and their families will be there too. Will be good to see them. Friday having something special at the house just for the boys and grandkids, looking forward to it all.

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Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

I made 5 pies, banana bread and squash.
My oldest daughter took over Thanksgiving 8 years ago. I miss making all the food but I'm glad she has taken it. I'm still the gravy maker and each year I tell those girls someone has to take this over I'm not going to live forever :-)


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Congratulations & Happy Anniversary Kate!

I too am very grateful. It has been a health driven stressful few years for us. Giving thanks for sure!

Sharon - what fun for all!

I would also like to give a special Thanks for our Military Families!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Quilty Friends and your families.

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