options for updating a home exterior

abarnet3July 23, 2014

I am considering purchasing this home but really dislike how dated the exterior looks. Any ideas to make it look more appealing?

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What is it that you dislike about the exterior? If it's the finishes, a "facelift" is pretty easy, relatively speaking.

If you don't like the overall style - size, shape, scale of house, roofline, etc. - then you probably need to find another house,

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Some landscaping on the brick wall would help, and maybe full length windows. A designer here in town raises the roof - literally- on houses like that but it's for super rich clients that buying houses similar to that style in a great location with beautiful old growth. By the time they are done with them they are close to million dollar homes.

I've seen them put an entire new front on the house- new interior rooms all the way across the front. So the front is an entirely new house and old front actually becomes part of the interior. If it's historical brick, they leave it as a accent wall on the inside.

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There's nothing wrong with this home's appearance at all. Too much HGTV might have you thinking that all of America regularly rips up houses for the latest passing fad. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since you think there is wrong, just buy something else. It's never cost effective to attempt to completely change the bones of a home.

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