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jcat2July 15, 2012

I have a decent-sized master bedroom...17.5'x 12.5' of bedroom space, then ensuite there is a smallish bathroom (about 8'x 5.8'deep with tub, toilet, 30"base cabinet for single sink)and next to the bath is a small walk-in closet (4.5'x 5.8'deep). The bathroom sink cabinet abuts the wall that divides it from the closet.

My question is - I don't need additional closet space for myself since I'm single. But am trying to refinance (for lower interest rate) and looking for ways to increase the overall value on a tight budget (only been in house 6 years, and since values went down after I bought, the house is borderline not being worth what I need to payoff existing loan), so I'm considering a couple of options:

1. Put a wall closet by the door coming into the bedroom. The wall there is just a little over 9' so the closet would be almost the full length, fitted with an organizer to maximize space. This more than doubles the existing closet space, but cuts the bedroom from 17.5' to 15' in length.

2. Another option would be to build the 9' wall closet, then tear down the wall between the bath and existing small walk-in... this gives room to put a double sink vanity in the bath and still leave room for some storage space (shelves probably) in the new larger bath space. BUT - this puts it back to a one-closet room (even though the 9' wall closet provides more closet space than the existing)

My son and I are fairly handy, so putting in a new closet and tearing down walls we could handle ourselves. Would use a plumber to install the new sink IF I decide to enlarge the bath and an electrician IF rearrange any lighting.

Or do I just paint and leave it alone? I've attached a very rough drawing of the space just to give a visual - it's close to scale but definitely far from perfect.

Thanks very much for your time and I would sincerely appreciate any feedback/ideas etc!

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I'm assuming you are talking about how much the house would appraise for when talking about re-financing. If so then adding the closet will not make a difference in the appraisal at all. Appraisals do not care about those things. It is square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and somewhat the finishes/materials of the home that matter along with what com parables have sold for. Not closet sizes.

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Thanks Lyfia, that's exactly what I am trying to figure out. Sounds like I just need to finish painting my room and not worry about a new closet right now :)

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