When are unlined curtains ok?

jenva2010June 19, 2014

I know some curtains hang better if they're lined. And if you need to block out all light, of course you need a lining. When else is lining necessary?

I have some windows that will have curtains hanging over cheapo vinyl roller shades (possibly upgraded in the future to wood blinds) -- do the curtains still need to be lined? If I close them occasionally while the shades are still up, will they look bad from the outside (or the inside)? I don't want to spend more on lined curtains if it's not necessary, but I also don't want to spend time and money on curtains that look bad because I skipped the lining. Help!

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Lining helps with light control, but if that is not an issue then go for simple unlined panels. If you hang the panels from rings you CAN close them, but not easily. Many people hang panels outside the width of the window for decor only. If function comes into play, then you might need traverse rods and pinch pleated drapes (not often seen these days).

I've gotten to the point where I no longer do custom lined drapes. Instead I have blinds and or simple panels in each room. Privacy is not much of an issue because we are so wooded. However we do have blinds at almost all windows.

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Annie Deighnaugh

True confessions...I didn't line the drapes in our bedrooms and now I'm sorry I didn't as it does change the hand and hang of the drape. My hobbled faux roman valances are not lined, but that worked out ok as the fabric was heavy and had the perfect hand for the application....

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i had to add blackout liner to panels i hung in my LR because the light coming through them significantly changed the color of the fabric (made them look orangey rather than brick red) so that is something else to think about...

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I also line my curtains thinking about what they look like in the window from outside. I don't want to be in the backyard looking at the inside of my curtain fabric.

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I hope they're always okay, because that's what I have...plain white/ivory cotton panels. It's me.

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A couple of points: if you are doing you own sewing, and you are using a print, you have to think about how you make your seams--because you will have to do French seams so that the curtain doesn't look bad on the back. Second, when the light comes through, you will see the seams through the material on the front side.. And lastly, ( I guess this is more than a couple...) Curtains don't look as full or finished without a lining, unless they are simple muslin ball and fringe cottage curtains or something like that.

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I only have curtains that look okay from both sides and none are lined. I think if we lived in a neighborhood where we had homes really close then they would either need to be lined or thick fabric. I only have three curtains in the whole house and none of them need to be lined.

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There's no good answer to that. It's really what you prefer. I prefer lined panels because I think they look better and they hang better. I don't like the transparent look some drapes have when not lined and light shines through.

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