Happy Thanksgiving Day

nannykinsNovember 21, 2012

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

And you hit the quilt shop sales on Friday.


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I have been so busy I'm looking forward to just relaxing tomorrow with family. We all bring dishes and this year I am not the turkey cooker lol!!

I for one do not care for the early sales - here they have been advertising the sales starting Thursday!


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Happy turkey day to you all. I've been invited to a quilting friends house and we'll talk sewing between football games. Life is good!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I always cook for my cousins on my mom's side of the family since they really do not have anywhere to go. They are all single and their parents passed years ago. I also invite any strays they may know that do not have family in the area. Each year, I usually have several of my college students who do not have family here. I figure it is just as easy to cook for 20+ as it is for a few. It also makes for more people to clean up afterwards. :)


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Best wishes for a good Thanksgiving for all and a better year coming for those displaced by the storm.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

This one may just be a "significant" one for us. Our son is bringing his girlfriend, which he has done before. They've been together for about 2 years.

But this year, her mother and brother are also coming. Introducing family? People who live 1000 miles away? Hmmm... I would be delighted.

So 6 for dinner, and there is no way I will shop on Friday, LOL. I'd rather be shot. I hate crowds.

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I have been working on dinner fixings all morning. Just have two more things to prep and then I am done. Trying to get more done ahead of time so I can have a more relaxing day tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

I will not be out shopping tomorrow either. This is family day!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

My two daughters have been helping me in the kitchen all day. DD made a pie for me to take to church tonight for our social time after service. New recipe, suppose to taste like a chocolate chip cookie. Now she's regretted having to give it away. LOL

I just have to get the turkey ready and then I am done for the day. I've been having fun helping both daughters finalize their patterns for Christmas quilts. They picked out the fabric some time ago.

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Ours will be a quiet day. DS & GF are coming for brunch, then they are going to her folks for dinner. Last year they ate 2 turkey dinners ... not making them do that again! Am only cooking for 2 but DH wants it all, so baked pie and got the yams baked and mashed with brown sugar/spices and pecans today. Tomorrow will make the stuffing & bake the turkey. Scaled down a bit from usual, but will still be good. We told DS that we get dibs on them next year for dinner! :)

Happy day to all!

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going to daughters in Wichita,she will have a big dinner and everyone brings a dish and our mother daughter thing is to relax and see a movie that eve and guys watch football. Taking granddaughter with us since her prospective husband has to work
I went to Walmart to get Meds and people were everywhere and sale starts till tonite...go figure

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Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone! I was just thinking this morning that our T'day is uniquely American on this Thursday in November. I like that! And I like our turkey and Pilgrim symbols for this holiday. Stopped at the store last night to get some apple cider and .27 a pound sweet potatoes and even enjoyed all the shoppers buying their .27-a-pound sweet potatoes and umpteen cans of chicken broth! LOL! (my sister is bringing her candied sweet potatoes for our dinner, I was just stocking up on a good deal!)

We will be feasting at Mom's house - which is a good thing, as I have a sick pooch here at my house.

Have a wonderful day!

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everyone have a happy thanksgiving. going to my daughters and only have 2 things to make. hopefully i can spend my time holding the newest member of our family 1 month old and a girl with 2 brothers.

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As I remember other Thanksgivings with the whole family around the tables I feel blessed and happy for those who are enjoying the festive time.
DH and I are shareing each others company this year which is also wonderful as that is how it began.
Have a Happy Holiday.

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