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mdasayNovember 29, 2011

Could the fact that every room in a house has a different carpet contribute to it not selling? Case in point: house on market for 9 months. Multiple showings, and a few low-ball offers. Home is upgraded with granite in kithen and baths (up and down). Hardwood at entry and in kitchen. Only thing I can surmise is the carpet remnants the house is showered with. Navy carpet in one room, beige in another, green with maroon border in yet another...literally every room in the house has a different color carpet. Is that why house is not selling? I know price may factor in also, as with the 20K price drop many more showings, but still no workable offers...your input?

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The carpet could well be a problem. Can you replace it? What feedback have you gotten from your showings?

If you can post a link to your listing with photos, we'll be glad to provide feedback about how it presents.

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If the house has been on the market for 9 months, and you've received " a few low-ball offers", are you sure those offers were low-ball?

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There could be more going on than just the carpet. The carpet would be a big turnoff to most. While I would buy a house knowing that I'm replacing the carpet, many would not. The carpet colors mentioned would be hard to decorate around for most people. IMO, different colors of carpet could make you look desperate as a seller.

I'd replace the carpet. I think it would be a lot less expensive to do than dropping the price.

As mentioned, you can post pictures here if you would like further opinions. There may be other things that might be an easy fix that are a turnoff to buyers.

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You can get really cheap carpet on the roll at HD, Lowes, etc. It's not rest-of-your-life carpet, but it's decent and neutral. It wouldn't cost very much and it would look fresh and new for a while, anyway.

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I sold my home and moved into my spouse's when we married and he had a different carpet in nearly every room because everyone chose their own bedroom decors. Different patterned wallpaper as well. I found it very unsettling, even though I loved the home in every other way. Each room was lovely (if the door was shut to the next) but with the doors open it was a migraine waiting to happen. One bedroom had blue carpet abutting a bedroom with dark red, abutting a rec room with orange. They didn't even coordinate.

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I'm in the flooring business. You get a lot of bang for your buck by doing new flooring. It will update the whole look. Personally, I don't mind all different color carpets, but I wouldn't want THOSE colors. However, cosmetics never stop me from buying a house. They'll cause me to offer less though.

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