Turning a small bedroom into a bathroom

Susan20148July 30, 2012

We are considering purchasing a house that has 3 bedrooms and one very small bathroom. If we turned one of the bathrooms into a master bathroom (and would have room left over for storage) it could work for us. Has anyone turned a bedroom into a bathroom? I realize costs can vary greatly, especially as we choose fixtures and the like. But fixtures and finishing costs aside, is it a huge and costly undertaking to turn a bedroom into a bathroom?

The bedroom we are considering transforming currently does not share a wall with the existing bathroom. We'd have to run the plumbing under the floor, I suppose? If we changed our ideas around and built the bathroom in a bedroom that DOES currently share a wall with the existing bedroom, would that be easier and less costly?

Thanks for your thoughts!

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So you would go from a 3 bed, 1 bath home to being 2 bed, 2 bath?

2 bedroom homes are hard to sell, so if this is not your forever home you probably want to find another option. Could you carve out any space for a half-bath and retain the 3 bedrooms? A half-bath can be quite small & gives you the second station for getting ready in the morning (hair, make-up, shaving) and eliminates the "who gets to pee first?" question when coming in after a long car trip.

Even if you have to give one bedroom a really small closet in order to fit a half-bath in the house it's probably better than removing a bedroom. In our area people don't start demanding master bedrooms with en-suites until you are in the higher price bracket homes (which are typically 1800 sq feet or larger). But that half bath can be a life saver :)


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This actually would be a vacation home for us. I didn't want to bore anyone with all the details, but perhaps it is relevant after all since you brought it up! There is a loft which will provide sleeping space, and other all purpose space. The main floor currently has 3 beds and 1 TINY bath, and we'd like to make it 2 and 2. There is a full walkout basement with another bath and bedroom and additional living space. So at the end of the day it would be a 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a loft.

If it is too costly to turn one of the bedrooms into a bathroom we'll look into stealing space from one of the bedrooms and expanding the current bathroom.

Thanks for your reply! Any thoughts, now that I've added more info?

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Ah, I think 3&3 for a vacation home would probably sell as well as 4&2. Bear in mind, I'm not a real estate agent, so I could be wrong.

So, you have a full basement where they can run plumbing. So that works in your favor, as opposed to being over a crawl space or on a slab. Within reason, you can probably add a full bath where it makes the most sense for the floor plan of the home. I mean, don't put it at the far opposite end of the house from all the other plumbing but they don't have to be back to back.

Here's what we did when we replaced our second floor: we drew up a few floor plans and narrowed it down to 2. We got advice from our GC on what would be easier (less expensive) to implement. He seemed to appreciate being asked for input and I think it helped him understand we were looking for an ally/advocate in the building process ... Not just someone to hammer wood together ;)

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Thanks for the reply. Did you use an architect?

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No, I did a lot of the layout myself (I have a copy of Visio) and then we used a draftsman to do the final plans (including the roof plan, insulation, electrical, etc).

With liberal use of Houzz website and driving around to see what we wanted to mimic and avoid, we didn't feel we needed an architect to get the proportions very very close to ideal. We are very happy with the result, so I think we made the right call. If you can put in the hours then you may be able to avoid it as well :)

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I've never heard of Houzz and I've just spent the past half hour drooling on that site! Thanks for the heads up. That's great!!!

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Susan, if you're still looking for encouragement, we turned a 4br/1ba second floor into a 3br/2ba. The new master bath used to be a bedroom. My husband did most of the work himself and wasn't nearly as expensive as we thought it would be. We were able to frame a 4 inch bump out in the room directly below the new bathroom which accommodated all the new plumbing, and then ran it through the floor into the basement. It turned out great! Good luck.

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Also find out if the house uses city sewage or if it has a septic tank.
Adding another bath could mean upgrading the septic.

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If it was me yes, I would do it.

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