QOTD 11-17-11 - Rulers/Templates

faintheartNovember 17, 2011

How many quilting rulers/templates do you have? Do you have a favorite that you use most often? Is there a specialty technique ruler/template you would not do without?

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I use my 6 x 24 and 6-1/2" square the most. I also have a 12" square that has curved slots for cutting circles. I used the slots and pattern once or twice, but now use it just when I need a larger square.

I have an Add A Quarter that I use a lot when paper piecing and 2 "homemade" add an eighth rulers I got with George Siciliano classes, and that I use for his patterns.

I also have a Square in a Square ruler which I've hardly used (mostly in a class to learn how to use it).

Templates...I have Tri Recs which I have not had good success with, and Winding Ways which I haven't tried. I also have a triangular ruler whose name I can't remember, and one really handy tool is Judy Martin's point trimmer.

I also have a steel yardstick and a steel corner square that come in handy once in a while.


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I have a lot of rulers. The ones I use the most are EZ Rulers - 3 1/2" X 9 1/2" and 6 1/2" X 13"....I like having the extra 1/2" on them and can pretty much do anything I need to do with just these two rulers. They are also easy on my eyes.


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I have three racks full, too many to count. I use a 6x24 the most and a 5x18 a lot. I have a 36x4 that I use for cutting across new fabric. I love having one long one for big pieces.

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Not very many, but like the rest, I mostly use a 6x24. Lately I use my add a 1/4 ruler a lot because of all the foundation piecing I'm doing on the Dear Jane. I also have a big 18x18 ruler I use when cutting up a quilt. Otherwise I only have a 6x6. I don't like the yellow markings on it, so I don't use it very often.


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I have more than I use, like most of you.
I use two 6x24s all the time, along with a 6x18.
I also use my 12.5x12.5 for squaring up blocks.
And a 6.5x6.5 that's perfect for small cuts and for paperpiecing cuts.
And I have a long curvy one that I rarely use for cutting but often use for drawing quilting lines.

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When cutting mats and rotary cutters were very new on the market, DH got them for me for a Christmas gift. He also purchased a 3x18 and 5x23 ruler on the advice of the sewing shop. I didn't do any quilting back then. Don't use them much anymore. Still wonder why that 5x23 didn't go to 24.

In the years since, I've added a 5x24, 12 1/2 sq., and a 1/2 & 1/4 triangle. Never could find a 6x24 when I was looking. The other day I picked up a flying geese X4 ruler.

I use the 5x24 and 12 1/2 sq. most often. The triangle comes in handy for small squaring up and short straight edges. Will have to see if the FGx4 earns it keep! I am always tempted when looking at all the different ones available.


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Too many to list here but the ones that I use most are:
8 x 14 (my favorite-I have 2)
4 1/2 x 4 1/2
6 1/2 x 6 1/2
6 x 24 (not my favorite but is needed sometimes)
I have 3 different sized squaring rulers that work for different sized blocks.
The others are speciality types that I dig out if the need arises.

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Hi Everybody,

I use a ruler I don't see mentioned around here. It's not a quilter's ruler, but one I've had most of my life. It's 2" wide x 18" long; I've always used it. I used it as Editor of High School Yearbook to layout out pix of 535 seniors, each single one w/ a 1/4" border. This ruler grid is in eights of an inch, does a GREAT 1/4 inch. Got me through Textile School & years of plotting weave diagrams on graph paper also 1/8" grid. When rotary cutters came along, I found one of these rulers w/ a 1/4" metal edge, which is just perfect for rotary cutting & also drawing on 1/4" seams for all my quilt seams.

The manufacturer is the C-Thru Ruler Company & it's clear plastic w/ the grid in red or turquoise. I'll have to take a pic sometime. I simply could not be w/out it.

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Like everyone, I mostly use the 5 x 24 that came with the mat. Occasionally I use the 12.5 to square blocks and the smaller squares when I'm sewing away from my house.

But my very favorite one is the Shape Cut slotted ruler for making strips of any size in 1/2" increments. Love, love, love it! To make it even better (as if that's possible) I WON it as a door prize at a quilt show.

Even now I'm excited just thinking about using it.

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I have a shape cut, which I use a fair bit but I wish I had the larger one. I was looking at my supply of rulers and figured I use most of them often. One that I never use now is a 24" square, which I absolutely had to have, (lol) for squaring up blocks in a quilt I don't even remember making.

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I have the 6 x 24, a 6 x 12 for smaller pieces, and a 12" square. I haven't felt the need to get any additional ones.

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Back in '06 I posted pictures of two different holders I made for my rulers out of pre quilted place mats. I hung these behind the door
I've attched a link to the Gallery page they are on if you want to take a look

the awful thing is I cant find them I know I didn't throw them out or give them away . I did clean my craft room so they must be somewhere

Here is a link that might be useful: Gallery 06

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Minnie, I don't remember seeing those when you posted them. Great idea to use pre-quilted placemats. How did you attach them to the hanger?


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I think I must have whipped stitched them to the hanger, When I find them I'll check it out LOL.

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Theresa ~ I have the smaller Shape Cut and use it often. I love it! I treated myself to the large Shape Cut that lets you cut a full width of fabric. I am not in love with it -in fact, I am teetering on not liking it - it is awkward and requires a very 'long reach' the way it is designed. Use one before you buy it - here it is not stocked, so I had to order it.

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Thanks for the info. Guess I will stick with the smaller one.

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