Concrete Help needed! Front porch raising/enlarging :)

compman723July 13, 2010

I have a front porch (concrete) that currently is to small for the updated design. One problem with it is there is a 3 inch step to get into a square slab right in front of the door then a 10 inch step to get into the front door. Because of this combo everyone trips. Also I am wanting to do the craftsmen style posts with stone veneer bases and it just quite isn't wide enough from the house with the wider bases that the stone will need. Also I live in Minnesota so it gets cold :)

I posted a link to a picture below that shows the smaller step and also a little more of what I am looking to do.

To do:

Pour a larger 5" concrete slab over the existing slab (which has foundation below it) so it is supported to bring the porch about 7 inches below the front door so it will fix the step problem and then also a little farther distance from the house so I will have enough from for the stone veneer bases of the posts.

Unsolved ?'s

1. Can i just poor right over the older brushed finish slab with 5" and then cantilever out the extra distance over fill, I know it really isn't cantilevering because I will pack and put class 5 down but its just kind of how I think about it.

2. Since I will have such a thick slab of concrete I have seen where people face the concrete slab with stone veneer also and create a built in sill in the concrete to but the stone against, does anyone know how this is done or the technique to use?

3. When I pour the concrete it will be 5" all over except where it pours over the step right in front of the door, if I leave it as is there will only be 2" over this portion. Is this enough or am I going to run into problems and need to jackhammer this out?

This are the 3 main questions right now but I bet I will have a lot more. This is all I have left the past 2 summers I replaced 30 windows and did a complete fibercement siding/azek renovation. It will be nice to have it all done :)

Thank you all for any help

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I would use granite slabs and forget the Craftsman idea.

Interesting brickwork.

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