Yes or no on the grids in windows?

ljalterJuly 17, 2009

Hi all -

Sorry, totally not sure what they are called, but hubby and I are debating the window grids in the replacement windows we are getting.

Our home has them in the front windows now, and getting them in the replacements adds only $400 total cost, but he thinks they are "dated" and "going out of style" when I think they are sort of classic. Our entire neighborhood has the grids, but these are 20+ year old single pane aluminum windows, and most haven't replaced them yet. He worries we will get the grids and when the rest start replacing, they won't, and we will be out of style.

Thoughts? Anyone totally against the grids? FWIW, Our home is two story white limestone - very classic for central Texas. Nothing really modern about it.

Thanks for the help!


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Thoughts? Anyone totally against the grids?

Totally against. It would take a lot to convince me that they are more than a horrible attempt at giving the appearance of divided light windows.

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I personally prefer cleaner lines and an unobstructed view. I vote no grids.

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I think it depends on the style of your house. I live in a Folk Victorian, and the muntins (that's what they're called) look perfect. But they would look wrong in a mid-century modern home.

They are definitely more of a pain to clean, and the view is more obstructed (though you do get used to it), but it also adds a "cute" factor.

Can you take a photo of your house and photoshop out the grids on your windows to see what it might look like without them?

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I live in a neighborhood of newer homes, and most have the grids. Nowadays you get them between the glass so that they're easy to clean.

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Simple solution---get removeable muntins. You don't like the look, remove them. Like the look, leave them in place.

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I don't like them, too busy looking. And if I were to actually clean a window, I'm sure they would make the job more difficult.

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Agree that it depends on the style of your house. We compromised and put grids on top/nothing on bottom, and I like it. We can remove them if we want, but I think they look better in this very traditional style of house. Mid-install:

Another option is something like this:

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They can be quite modern, even with muntins:

From [Misc photos]( From [Misc photos]( From [Misc photos](
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The style of the house, especially as demonstrated by the trim detailing should dictate whether you need a secondary level of detail to reinforce the overall style. If a greater level of detail is needed it is best to use simulated divided lites where the muntins are glued onto the glass with a dark spacer between the glass panes aligned with the muntins. If a lesser level of detail is appropriate, omit muntins altogether. I would avoid using removable grids or between the glass muntins because I think they fail to achieve any coherent architectural effect and have been adopted by so many developers of housing and strip shopping centers.

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I have the newer energy efficient windows so the grids are inside the glass. Grids vs no grids, I think it is a personal choice. No wrong answer here.

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Agree with the poster who said to consider style of the home. On a traditional style of home, muntins, at least in some form, look better than no muntins, IMO. They also make the between the glass kind that not so skinny and skimpy, and look more hefty and realistic. The skinny ones usually look pretty bad.

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