Still working on DR - anyone use a sectional for a banquette?

geokidJune 28, 2012

I'm back with another dining room question! With your help, I've figured out that I want a corner banquette and I want the table off to the side in the room with the option of expanding it when we need more space. It's a 55" round table that I'm having two leaves made for.

I will also put in two light fixtures, one centered over the table in its usual spot, and the other evenly spaced in the room so that it will be centered when the table is extended.

Here is a cut and paste from my last question, for reference:

I'd love a comfy place right by the big windows to stretch out with my coffee and a book. Or to have a place for sick kiddos to lounge and watch TV when they are home from school (the only other TV in the house is in the family room downstairs and that's a pain since my kids are little).

My question is: Does anyone have any experience with a fabric sectional as a banquette? Specifically the Coventry sectional from Ballard? It will fit the space perfectly and I would get it upholstered in an indoor/outdoor fabric.

I'm having trouble uploading pics, so I'll just link to an old thread.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of space and old discussion thread

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Haven't done so but please be aware that most upholstered sofa and chair seats may be lower than DR chairs. OR one sinks down in them so they seem that way. Also, when laying down on a sofa behind the table does it block the view of the TV? Measure to be sure.

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lucky is right. Most "sofa" type seating is going to be too low for the standard dining table. I spent a fairly long time looking for a settee or loveseat to pair with my casual dining table, which is 42" round. I finally bought the Marcel loveseat from PB:

Your Ballard sectional says the seat height is 18". That is around the same seat height as a typical dining chair BUT your dining chair doesn't "sink down" like a sofa does. Know what I mean? The Marcel loveseat works because it has a higher seat height (22") and it's not super plush so the seat doesn't "sink" too much. I'm not suggesting that the Marcel sofa is your solution, but you need a higher seat height than the Ballard piece.

Is a built-in window seat out of the question? That's what I have in my kitchen and I love it. You could make it extra deep with a lot of pillows to make it more comfy.

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I wanted to do this in my eat in kitchen. While shopping, I found most standard couches were too low and/or too deep to use with a standard 30" tall table. Even if the seat height is 19", they usually sink lower than dining chairs when you sit on them.

Ballards has dining benches/sectionals. I haven't sat on them but a salesperson said her son had one and it was very comfortable. Lee Industries Coveralls also has a dining bench.

Look for "dining bench" or "settee" in your search.

Lee Industries Coveralls


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