Did I miss the follow up to....

always1stepbehindJune 19, 2014

The poster who had posted asking if a rug she found on Overstock was the same from one of the high end stores??

If I remember correctly the OP was going to order both.

Just wondering whatever came of the Overstock rug.

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Sorry not to follow up! I only ordered the overstock rug. It looks great, as expected from the pics. I didn't order the horchow one, so I can't compare quality between the 2. The KPI is probably pretty low on this one. Definitely not heirloom quality, which I wasn't expecting for the price.

Overall I think it's good enough, and very pretty. I'm at the tail end of a new build, and have PLENTY of places that need that extra $3400 before a new rug. I don't think looking at it in the context of my new house anyone would think it's anything less than a good rug. And if they do, they'll forget after a couple of glasses of wine :)

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Glad it worked out for you. I am sure it will be beautiful in your home.

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