Painting bedroom furniture

frmrsdghtrJune 11, 2014

Two parts to my post :)
1.Can I paint cheap veneer furniture? The veneer is very cheap - if I put a piece of tape on the dresser and pull it off the veneer comes off too. However, I have a whole set of this and they still function great so I'd like to keep (most of?) them and just update the look. Any ideas on if I can paint them and what to use?
2. I like a collected look for my bedroom but it's a whole set. I'm thinking of getting a new headboard to help with this. But any other ideas? I especially don't like the huge mirror attached to my dresser. Should I remove it when painting? Would that help too?

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I'm pretty sure you can give it a good cleaning, then prime it and paint it. Get the primer tinted to the paint color so it will look better.

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Before you prime it, sand it with coarse sandpaper . That will help the primer and paint stay on the furniture.

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I like your idea of re-purposing the mirror and adding a different headboard to freshen the look along with paint. I don't know your style, but since the furniture isn't heirloom quality, you could have fun with it and decoupage or stencil it if that would fit in with your decor.

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I think it's a great idea - but be careful about sanding easily damaged veneer, though. If tape pulls it off, sandpaper may really make a big mess of it. Think I'd just clean well, prime and paint.

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Thanks, all. If any of you have done this can you share what paint/primer you've used? I've read lots on chalk paint but since it's on wood I can't distress these and I'm pretty sure chalk paint is only good if you are going to distress.

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use a sanding liquid instead of sanding worked great for me. As far as the mirror-would need to see a pic. I like a mirror above my dresser-dated or not. It's just what the mirror looks like that makes the difference to me. I replaced my hutch mirror with a wood framed one and still love it.

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Zinsser BIN primer is excellent. It's oil based but you can paint over it with latex. If you are planning to use as dark paint, have it tinted grey.

This is my favorite tutorial for furniture painting:

Here is a link that might be useful: How to paint furniture

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I wonder if you could just slab on chalk paint?

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Annie Deighnaugh

You might try posting this in the paint forum...there are some folks there who are technical about paint products and applications...

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