Oven cabinet - need accent ideas

seosmpApril 28, 2013


Current plan is to put a single oven under a cooktop.

Cooktop is 36". Oven is 30" (cutout 29"). Cabinet will be pulled out 3". Cabinet will be 38" to accommodate a deck-mounted pot-filler (assuming I can't do wall-mounted to due freezing).

Based on the above, there will be about 4.5" to the left/right of the oven where something "decorative" could go (or could just leave). Cabinetmaker suggested posts but I think they'd be too close together to look good.

I was thinking maybe just cutting it to look like a raised panel (like the rest of the cabinets), or like the drawer front (beveled edge). Cabinets will be sort of a light brown with mocha glazing (to match a dark brown island).

Any ideas? Anyone have this situation and could share pics? I'm not big on those fruit or rope or beaded kinds of moldings (I'm assuming something could be glued on).

Maybe something that matches the color of the island?


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You could get a bigger oven or leave it plain? I'm sure you've already checked, but the combo will work together?

Contemporary Kitchen by Cupertino General Contractor Build For Me Construction

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Yes, thanks!

I may just leave it. It'd be a bit wider than the pic above, but it's probably ok.

I did look into a 36" oven, but I don't really want to pay the extra cost (there aren't many options).

I sure hope they work together! The guy at the appliance store said they would! It's a Viking 6 burner cooktop (not rangetop) and Electrolux with wave touch controls.

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