Advise on Dead Bolt Lock on entry Door

cruzinpattisJuly 29, 2014

I just had a new entry door installed with a deadbolt lock.

I am wondering if it was installed correctly.

Problem is when I close or open the door I need to pull the door in hard using the handset with one hand and the other to lock or unlock it.

Is this normal????

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Probably due to new or improperly installed weatherstripping or perhaps a warped door which should be easy to determine.

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Could also need a hinge adjustment. Look to see if the gaps around the door are even; ie if the door is sitting squarely in the frame.

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A correct installation should have resulted in a smooth, seamless operation.

An interactive mortice lock would have eliminated this problem.

There is no excuse or absolution, for poor workmanship.

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Door is not installed properly I would almost guarantee. Sounds like it is not plumb or square. What are the reveals like on each side? Is the gap along the top even? Was this a prehung or a new door in an existing frame? Wood door, fiberglass door, steel door?

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The door is pre-hung fiberglass.
The frame is perfectly level.
The door is just slightly off.
Making the reveal look off by 1/8th of an inch.

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Is it plumb, square? Reveal being off can be from any of the three.....

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