Tiling behind hood

skind49April 18, 2014

I'm looking for opinions on whether the impact will be substantial enough to tile up to the ceiling behind the hood n this small area. Originally, it seemed like a nice touch, but now that I see how limited the space is, I'm not sure it's worth the effort. The hood is only dry fit now and will be removed and painted cream with glazing. The walls are already painted beige, so I could go either way. The area is very shadowy with no added light going there. We haven't determined the field tile yet, so if you want to give a suggestion there that would be helpful.

Thank you. Any input is much appreciated. I'm getting loony from all the decisions at this point! :)

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Do you have a photo from further back showing the whole wall? It's hard to tell without out seeing the whole picture.

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Hope this helps.

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Thank you for posting the second photo. Looking at the whole thing, I think it would look best not to tile above the hood, as you said there is not much area for tile up there. Also after seeing your cabinet heights and style tiling to the bottom of the hood would look best IMO.

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From the distance shot it looks like there isnt any space between hood and cabinets, so tiling just under hood makes sense. In close up shot it appears there is just a bit of space, 1", 1-1/2" maybe? Is there a trim piece that could cover that gap? I dont know if that is right or not, but it seems to me that 1-1/2" gap is too small to make the hood seem freestanding, and to wide too leave alone...tying it into cabinets for that 12-15" with a piece of trim might work.

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Paint it or trim it. No tile.

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Thanks for your comments.. @ OOTM_Mom: You are correct. There is only 1 1/2-2" from the hood trim to the cabinetry. Up at the top it increases to about 9". At the ceiling, the crown from the cabinets and the hood will again be within 2" of each other.
The only merit to tiling there might be reducing the darkness of the space, but my SIL suggested painting it to match the hood. Think I prefer having the gap match the rest of the kitchen paint, so as you say, it looks as freestanding as possible.

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