Painting throughout & Dry wall tape

marial1214July 28, 2012

We have been getting quotes on painting nearly the entire house and there is no consistency amongst the rates, nor the type of work.

We have a problem in each room that the dry wall tape has lifted and the tape is dry and hard and crusty. In one room it is bumpy.

The dude who wants to remove all the old dry wall tape and put new stuff in is a general contractor who does remodeling. His quote is 2500 more than the painter who simply says he could fix the tape by putting his putty knife under it, where it has lifted, sticking the product under there and over the top, then smoothing it out.

Here is my question: does the painter dude know what he is talking about when he says the lifted tape can be repaired by this method above or is the remodeling dude correct when he says it must be ripped off and completely replaced?

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I don't know if that tape is called dry wall tape or painters tape but it goes across just under the ceiling line. Thanks

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To fix the problem long term, the tape has to be removed and properly installed. The reason it is causing problems now is because it was not properly applied when done before.

The area you mentioned is actually the taped joint at the wall/ceiling joint---half the tape is on the ceiling, the other half is on the wall. The reason it lifted/is bumpy is because there was not enough mud(drywall compound) applied under that section of tape before the tape was applied.

I have, about one times out of ten, successfully repaired small areas of raised tape by adding mud under the raised area and applying more over it. But, that was when the area was still wet---during the application part. Once dry---not a good idea.

So, best fix---remove and replace.

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In general, yes, painters can do those repairs. Do entire seams appear bad or just a couple areas in each room? If it's odds and ends, go with the painter, imho.

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