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Holly- KayApril 9, 2013

First, I am sorry that the images are so poor. I will try to explain the design. My kitchen is 12 1/2 x 25 feet. The PO not only put 96 inches of window (which I love) over the sink. She put a three door slider on the same wall, it measures 104 inches, but it is on the side that our table is on. So even though I should be able to say it is a decent size kitchen it isn't a very usable space.

The pic shows the over all layout of the kitchen part of the room. The top shows the three windows with the sink (apron front) in a 36 inch sink base. To the left is roll out garbage with a lazy susan to the left of it to make the most of the corner space. On the right is the dishwasher with a lazy susan in that corner. Coming around the corner beside the LS is a 36 base cab with roll out shelves. I use my existing counter that is over that area as a serving station when we entertain, so it is important to me to keep that area.On the opposite side of that counter is the 3 door slider (I can't wait to replace it with a swing out French Door) and the table. We also have an additional dining area that adjoins our living room.The cook top (30 inch induction) is beside the left hand lazy susan. There is a 36 inch drawer base under the cook top. there is a small base cabinet beside that and then a shallow pantry finishes that wall.

Moving to the bottom of the drawing is the wall that contains a double oven and the refrigerator. He had the fridge against the side wall portion originally, I had him change it because I felt the wall would impede the free opening of the fridge door (it is cabinet depth). KD said it would be fine but I would have to pull the fridge out from the wall to remove the drawers. Geesh! I nixed that idea so he is switching the location of the fridge to the free side of the run and placing the oven against the small portion of wall that juts out. You can see that wall indicated at the bottom right of the drawing. There is a small island that has a mixer base with lift and another run of drawers in it. I did insist on having a small island as I have had a 42 inch square work table in the center of my kitchen for years and I use it often so I didn't want to give it up.

There is nothing much to note about the upper cabs but he did put one upper cab perpendicular to the run of cabinets on the right. Not sure that I will like this but it does give a bit more space.

Honestly as much as I disliked my old lay out, if I had known this was going to be so stressful I wouldn't have done this. It definitely was time to renovate but I am stressed to the max!

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holly-kay - you might want to change your subject so it's evident you are looking for layout opinions/advice.

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Holly- Kay

Holy cow Autumn! You are right, how in the world do I change it?

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Unfortunately I think you have to delete it and make a new one. Hopefully you can copy paste your first post verbiage and pic into a new one and then delete this one. Sorry but I think it would get more attention that way!

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Holly- Kay

Thank you! You are right!!!!

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